Eating dry sieve bubble hash

hello all.bought me some bubble bags about 6 or 7 years ago.used them as described but was not impressed with taste,dirt like consistency,mess and how long takes.(i’m a lazy bastard and clearly useless at making bubble hash).but after spending $400!!! on a set of 8 bubble bags i thought i had better find a way to utilize i got lazy and dry sieved my next lot through the work bag(220 microns) and mixed the results with a packet of premix choc chip cookies.less than an hour after starting, i had steaming hot dope cookies in front of me.3 hours later i was asleep(had to run off to bed like a wuss cos i was obliterated).should of only eaten one.a very simple way to use bubble bags if, like me, you don’t have the patience to go through the entire ice and water process.ALWAYS rinse your raw material well to remove anything nasty(critters,dirt etc) and never use mouldy weed for obvious reasons.let it dry properly.break it up fine but not to powder.then force the hash through the work bag(you’ll figure out what works best for you).i place the bag over the open side of a round plastic cake container,tie it off at the back so it pulls tight across the front,then push it through with my hand.try to keep the screen tight.tapping the screen with something helps to.depending on quality of weed used(i only use resin covered head leaf) you should get between 10 and 20 percent hash.this hash will be shit to smoke but super potent for eating.i have tried from 20 grams to 50 grams in a mix for 20 to 30 cookies.20 grams tasted like shit but got me wasted.i would not recommend 50 grams.the taste is awful(but edible).10 grams would probably work but i am a pot pig.many have tried my cookies and all have said mine are the most potent they have ever tried(but not the tastiest).feel free to tweak my method and post those tweaks.i would love to improve my method(especially the taste).i hope someone finds this post useful.peace.bootox

I don’t know…Most folks with tasty edibles, 1st make, then cook with Canna butter

Yes, refining the powder in the traditional way as done when preparing cannabutter would probably make it taste a lot better and maintain the potency.