Earth dust organic input

Hey all was trying to get my hands on some Gaia green and came across Earth Dust organic dry inputs mix with a good soil then top dress a few times anyone ever use it with ff hf soil and if so whats your opinions on it

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Let me tag in @MeEasy he has been using it a while. I just started with it this grow.


I literally just found his thread and just started reading haha :smile:


Best of grows to you!


I would love to tag along for this as I am concerned using earth dust myself.


Id definitely recommend just searching the topic Earth Duat @MeEasy is the 2nd thread down i believe and he has some amazing looking girls with this method

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@Flitme @LiesGrows @MeEasy

Here is a link to my first grow with Earthdust… You’ll see how I mixed and cooked my soil if that is of help to you. Things will liven up shortly after I kill off the spider mites!

Follow along and enjoy. Lots of friendly banter and great information.

Bunny Jane’s 2022ish Grows - Show Your Grow / Grow Journals - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman

@SmokeyMtnHighs is also moving to Earthdust and @Storm just purchased some.

Now you have a few growers you can tag with questions.

Hoppy grows! :rabbit2:


Thank you for the tag @JaneQP , hi @LiesGrows I use happy frog and like how it works. The only thing that you have to change is if the soil is new only mix in 2 tablespoons of base per gallon of soil then the regular dose of boost before flower and again 30 days later. Once the soil has been used you can reuse it at the regular dose of base here’s screenshots from TGSC

Edit = of course they loaded out of order the 2nd is first 1st is second and 3rd third


Thank You for the tag @JaneQP! :v::blush:

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Yeah, I’m cooking my soil now for my next grow (1st with Earth Dust) I went ahead and got the Sunshine #4 Promix medium, the grow im on now is FFOF and jacks nutes. I’ll be using the full regular measurements of Earth Dust per directions with the #4 Promix. Cooking my 2- 7 gallon pots now for the next grow. I’m going to seed 2 photo CandyLands in them. I’ll be happy to share any helpful info I can as the grow starts and progresses. :+1: @MeEasy is our resident Earth Dust consultant for now, we’ll all keep him busy with questions im sure lol Thanks @JaneQP for the tag.


FYI if you decide to go with new soil like the Sunshine #4 Promix…but it from Ace Hardware online. Ace Hardware is WAY cheaper then Amazon by atleast $40 per 3cuft compressed bag!