Early Stage Help

Hello. I started these on the 25th with prebuffed Cyco CoCo Perlite mix. Misted them until they sprouted. On the 27th the coco was completely dry so I did their first watering until 20% run off came out. I added some Canna start with the water. The readings for the water were 6.0ph PPM: 400ish and EC: 0.6. (Got the Bluelab Conductivity Pen the next day so didn’t measure EC or PpM prior to using it, however I did recreate the next day and those were the readings.Runoff was the same at 6.0ph) Since then I have kept their domes off and lightly misted. Today the CoCo is starting to dry out again. I have made a new batch of nutes at 5.8PH EC:1.1 and PPM: 770 using around 7m/l per half gallon of Rhizotonic and about 10ml/half gal Canna Start. Should I water again with this batch of water. Should I stick to misting with the dome on? At this stage should I soak the bottom of the pots? Hold off on adding nutes? Also one of them is slightly bent. Which is why I am worried about watering. Any help is appreciated.

I use a spray bottle , 2 sprays at the base 2 more in the dome I use, twice a day.

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Okay cool. That’s what I’ve been doing. Minus the one watering. Would this water interfere down the line? Or would signs be apparent already? Also, at what stage would I introduce a full watering cycle with feed?

Feed will start soon I think in Coco.

Right according to the chart it calls for it in seedling stage so I really wasn’t sure. But with them being so delicate at this age it seems that a lot of people hold off on anything but PH water this early? From what I’ve seen anyways. It seems like a lot of things can be beneficial at this stage but also be a ticket for a failure. Better safe then sorry I guess. What is a good indicator they will be able for feed?

Can’t really tell you, I’m a soil guy so I wait 4 weeks, but I know Coco you need it sooner

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No worries. Maybe someone can chime in. This is my first go at this in any form. I’m more worried about it being too dry. It just seems like they came to a halt considering they were so explosive the first couple a days. I’m probably trippin but hey. Lmao

Do you know why this would be a sign of? Anything? It’s slightly slanted and the leaves look a little bright? Idk. I’d just like to catch a problem before it worsens.

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could it be growing toward the light

That’s what I thought originally so I flipped it 180 thinking it would bend the other way if it was the light. It didn’t seem to have any effect. I will rearrange to see if it changes any but as of now it’s still crooked.

Again this is my first time so I’m probably over concerned. Cheers.

i don’t think i would worry about it, you will probably want to behind them over a it grows anyways

Yeah your right. I will be training these when they are ready for it. I did just rearrange just to be 100%.