Coco + Nutes for newbie

@Graysin Or anyone else with coco knowledge, not been here long enough to know many. I’m looking for info on the autopots & coco. I’ve got canna coco in hand & ready to drop these girls into solo cups. Autopots haven’t made it here yet. One each auto gg4 & wedding cake. I don’t need to wash this coco since it’s all buffered & ready? I just rehydrate & drop seeds in? No nutes, correct? Do the cups go under lights now or wait till they sprout? Does coco get watered daily? How do I know when since it’s not soil? I’ve read a lot but nothing specific to me. Lastly, have you read any of Dr Coco’s articles on high frequency’fertigation’? Seems like waaaay too much work. If so, anyone follow it? This is the article
Thanks for everyone’s help so far on my new endeavor! :purple_heart:

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Personally I recommend 1st watering to have nutes in, it helps the seedling acclimatize to the density of nutes it’ll be fed on a regular basis then for the rest of week 1 it can be PhD water (5.8-6). Yes starting 1 week in regular watering to run off is recommended daily it seems like a lot of work but it just becomes your daily routine.


Amen to that @GreenSnek


Yes I have read it and I follow it to a limited degree. That is, I am not concerned with overwatering my plants. However, in top fed plants, I do not find it necessary to feed them a couple times a day or even once a day. Recently I grew 4 plants in 5 gallon fabric pots with 60/40 mix of coco and perlite, During there heaviest feeding times (flowering) I mostly fed them every two days. Occasionally I would do it every day but I did not do it often. I would check the coco and lift the pots to determine if
feeding was necessary. For the most part I felt they had adequate moisture to thrive until the next day.
I also used the same method in a SOG. In this grow I used 1 gallon pots with the same coco & perlite mix. The plants were not as large because of the grow style. I found the frequency to be about the same, They did very well with feeding them every other day with the occasional daily.
This is them a week or so before harvest.

When I say feed, I am using Jack’s 321 every time.
I also use 5 gallon XL spring pot autopots filled with coco and perlite. I hade three plants which during their heaviest demand periods would consume around a gallon to 1 1/2 gallons of Jack’s per day.
For a while I had all three going so I was mixing Jack’s and feeding something almost every day. I am retired and I have the extra time.


If I was using 3 gallon pots I’d probably have to do twice daily waterings but in 5 gallon even my 4 ft giant autos only really need a gallon of nute water a day and my Lil girls half. Jacks works wonders


I would expand the coco with full strength hacks and then water days til u see the plant establish some descent new growth then start feeds as normal. Coco is total insert with nothing in it so water only might work a bit to get it going but I believe ud be better with some nutes mixed in to get the start.


I rehydrate my coco with full strength Jack’s 321 and plop the seedling in a solo cup once germinated.

Usually no, kinda depends on the brand. I use Canna and doesn’t need rinsed.

I put mine under domes and low intensity lights at around 12"

during germination, no. Water a small amount at first and cover with a dome. Water alittle bit more every few days and when they sprout, mist the dome.


You got lots of great advice already. I’ll echo it about 100% too.

Rehydrate with a normal dose of nutes and if you use microbes, those too. It’s the first time my ladies get silica, fish shit and tribus.

I leave my seeds on top of my lights until they break ground, then set them under the light.

It gets watered when it starts to dry out, just like soil. My coco gets watered about once every two days. Canna Coco is nice because it’s so pale brown when it’s dry. You get an obvious visual representation when it starts to need watering - if the top layer is tan, it’s time to water. Always pick up the pot and feel if it’s light, too, but so far visual indicators have worked fine for me.

I don’t, but rest assured when I say anything that seems like too much work is too much work. I am a minimalist (lazy) grower. :joy:


@beardless ~ thank you! I’m using perlite & coco also. So I understand correctly, you mix the Jacks with the water & put in autopot reservoir & it will auto feed till res is empty? Does it have a sensor to detect when to water/feed (if out of town) or do you have to manually do it each time?

Very nice! Does the autopot know to give the gal vs half gal each day?

That’s @Highwayman420 thats a big help!

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@Graysin Thanks for the help. I’m pretty lazy too Lol btw…is there a way to follow specific growers on here that are giving advice?

Thanks @Mark0427

Do most growers use tap water & correct ph? Buying distilled seems like it would get expensive

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No but I can tag a few so you can hunt them down.

@HappyHydroGrower @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 are all familiar with hydroponics (unless I’m remembering wrong)

@Nicky @Hellraiser @ReelOfishalTrees are all good in coco and have experience with autopots and are generally smart, helpful dudes.

@Mark0427 @SilvaBack203 @Underthestairs and @Newt are all super helpful too.

I’m limited to ten tags but also look for
Dr.ofsmokeology (or something like that)

There’s plenty of others around here who are super helpful, almost anyone you can find is eager to help.


I use tap sometimes. But I have a reverse osmosis system in my garage. Lots of people use those in place of distilled.

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in an area with high humidity, you can also use dehumidifier water - it’s pretty much distilled water.


Welcome to the community and I’m here 2 help just not in coco my schedule don’t allow me. All the tags Gray did are amazing

Happy growing


I’m not the auto pot guy I hand water them every day and collect the run off from their drain trays with a turkey baster, doesn’t take me more then 40 mins unless I decide to trim the underbrush. I’m a tap water guy , I live in a area with good water.


Really depends on your tap water. I use dehumidifier water for when I want a low TDS water, and well water at other times. The Jacks people will do a water analysis for about $40, if I recall correctly.


Thank you everyone!! @Graysin @SilvaBack203 @Newt Your help so far with my questions have been amazing! I live in very high humidity area(Deep South) but my a/c keeps the inside dry. The humidity in my closet has been sitting around 41% w/o heat. If I turn on portable heater in bathroom the humidity is 36%. Summer may be different but I run my central units & have never had a need to dehumidify. I have a filter on my refrigerator water & that’s all I’ve ever used for myself. I’ll have to get a water test done I guess. @GreenSnek do you reuse the runoff from your watering? Im sure I’ll have plenty of trim questions once I get that far.

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