Early flowering?

This is my first grow (in Southern California). I received my seeds in late April (from a supplier I won’t order from again). This plant, labeled feminized sour diesel, is flowering in early July (less than 2 months of grow). It’s been outside since it sprouted- the weather has been nice and sunny. Did I do something to cause flowers already? It isn’t that big, but I didn’t expect flowers for 2 months. The seed provider said I did the photoperiod wrong, but it’s outside in S. Cal. I now have ACDC growing, and it looks great so far. It didn’t start at the same time (lots of failures), so I can’t compare growth/flowering. Thanks for any advice and information!

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@Swimmr welcome to the forum.


Sure that wasn’t femenized auto?

Yea if it’s a feminized autoflower seed then it is normal to flower on its own but if it’s not then something may have happened with lighting? Have you flipped any other plants that are around this one? Do you have light leaks in your tent?

That’s the reason for my post. I am not sure if it’s not autoflower. The seed provider has sent mixed messages. It could be sour kush autoflower (that they sent in a “feminized sour diesel” package) or could something have caused this to flower- other than photoperiod? It’s been outside since sprouting in S. California since mid-May. It did have thrips. I got ladybugs and nematodes. Nematodes were all dead on arrival and the lady bugs were gone in a day despite hanging a lure. I subsequently treated twice with pyrethrin. Could the insect damage stress it enough to flower so soon? I think it was minimal damage. Plant looks fairly healthy now, but flowering. They probably just mislabled the seed. Makes me wonder if my CBD seeds really are! The sour diesel seeds were “free” add ons. Figured I’d grow for friends, but I really need the CBD plants to be what they’re claimed to be. :frowning: Tough way to start.

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Thanks- it’s outside since sprouting in mid-May in S. Cal. It’s not supposed to be autoflower, but perhaps the seed was mislabeled. I don’t know.

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Yea no problem man that’s what we’re all here for and for sure all the time some supposed seed sellers often mislabel a package cuz sometimes they’re just starting out and get mixed up or gets set in the wrong spot/pile?

Yeah I’d say if they been outside the whole time, that eliminates any lighting issues. Insects and sprays can cause stress to slow growth but not force flower. I’d say you got an auto instead of the fem. Even the stature of the plant from what I can see of it looks auto (short and stocky).

both were supposed to be autos

Great! Thanks for all of your responses! I really appreciate it. I am now convinced that the seeds were autoflower and not sent with correct labeling. Nice to have this forum with others that have more experience! Kindest regards to all.


Stay high stay medicated looking good growmie keep it up you might be smoking these little ladies before you know it LOL