Early flowering 4 strains

Outdoor plants already pre flowering, 4 different strains just 4 plants . Is pre flowering normal for late August or early September?


Absolutely. The guys in the Northeast look at mid August for the start of transition.

Yup its all strain, location, grow period relevant. I have one outdoors no sign of sex. Im also pretty southern so days stretch a bit.

I’m growing (in the north of Ireland) Kumoani, a landrace strain originally from Uttarakhand India and the flowering timing is feck hard to work out.

I know, because of the earth’s tilt my daylight time is longer by about one hour than Uttarakhand right now.

However, come to the Autumn Equinox, all will be in balance, daylight time-wise.

My first Kumoani grow this year was under lights using a 14/10 - 13/11 (changed nutrients) 12/12 for 4 weeks, 11/13 for 3 weeks and I changed to 9/15 until week 11 when the seeds started to burst out of their pods indicating it was time to harvest.

My current grows, not under lights and relying on daylight started to flower around 14th-21st August.

This means that the optimal time to crop will be the last days of October or early doors November.

Primetime for bud rot and mildew in the north of Ireland.

I have hopes that Kumoani genetics and my stubborn resistance to the inevitable will prevail.

Good luck.