Early flower? VERY CONFUSED

What’s going on here?

She is very young and seems to be in flower. Very confused!


Is she an auto?

I thought so! Very displeased with the bank I got these from.

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Sometimes it’s just the plant itself. I had one do it to me last year. Autos are finicky sometimes. Sorry about that!

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If you want control, don’t go with autos. I’ve never grown an auto and most likely never will (indoors anyway), I like control over my plants.

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What light cycle are you running…?

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You topped her?

Most likely that stress threw her into early bloom. Gotta be careful with autos.


As always you nailed it. @blackthumbbetty and also slowed growth a little. Topping Autos is all about timing.

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They were topped when there were 4 -5 nodes present. They already looked like they were starting to flower but it wasn’t as prominent as it is now. Only one of the 2 in bloom was topped. The other one was topped yesterday which led me to look at things a little closer and realize they had both flipped into bloom phase…we run 12/12 light schedule which we have seen many forums where people run 12/12 the entire life of the plant on autos…still not sure what the heck went wrong here


Autos can be pretty finicky I would just keep giving them what they need. They’ll stretch out an you’ll still get a a good yield. Plants look healthy. Good luck.

They’re autos. Somewhere along the line they became unhappy.

You definitely topped too late, which didn’t help. It’s not just a timing issue, either. If they were already growing slow, that should have told you not to top.


Research and get an understanding for daily light integral. The amount of time light is on not as important if intensity is high enough. Unless of course you want to keep photo plant in extended veg, but that’s entirely different subject.

I would put my money that @blackthumbbetty is correct. Topping stressed plant and sent into flower or stalled growth enough that the plant was mature enough to flower.

This is why a lot of the experienced growers will suggest newer members DO NOT top autos. Yet for some reason there’s always someone that has come along and contradict lol.

This one did the same thing. It was started later and was not topped just tonsee if that’s what actually caused it. She was just transplanted from solo cup and already had indication of flowering. I’m beginning to believe this is just the strain…