Durban poison,first time grow

Thanks Fever buddy, glad you’re impressed, i am to lol , I’m using cannabis plant food from Robert Bergman and it’s going nuts, so much growth it’s great, I was a bit worried that I’m not getting just 5 finger leaves, it 5,7,9,11 and 13 fingers, do you know if that’s normal or not


ok i have copied and pasted that ,i did it on the actual post by editing it ,i didn’t know if you meant that or at the top where i said durban poison first time grow,so i hope thats ok Jerry and i will post weekly pic’s ,i was going to cancel as i’m on the month free and can’t really afford it ,but everyone is so helpful i may have to try to find the money to stay ,thanks everyone ,your all amazing ;),ok I’ve got to accept I was new then and I got it wrong, I thought you meant copy and paste "support ticket " and one would get sent to me lol I laugh now I am not really that stupid I was just new and didn’t understand, sorry fella’s that we’re just trying to help me

Yes it’s normal but I don’t know from experience lol your doing better than me. Keep up the good work!

Thanks fever, I’m going to do the pictures weekly unless I have any questions or concerns, but I’m happy with this girl so far, since I’m having trouble with the seeds, I was thinking of trying cuttings, what do you think

The grow is going fine at the moment, she’s getting bigger and stronger every day

I did post pictures at this point but got a bit paranoid because of where I am and took them down, but I’m back on the ball now and playing the game

Brian 091180, the temperature is 36c

Can anyone tell me the best time to take cuttings? hillcrest21678 maybe you know,i have done some looking into this and it says after 5 weeks but i thought its best to check with the group first, any help is much appreciated

Again I did have more pictures here and sad to say I didn’t even keep them, so I can’t re enter them, but I’m back with pictures soon


Hey @darren if you want to tag folks into your topic just add the @ sign in front and they will get a gong to come.e see you!


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Thanks Bob

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Looks good! My eyesight isn’t so good especially with pics not under white lights. Are you having any issues now @darren ?

Only getting the seeds started, I’m hoping for some advice on taking cuttings and when is best to do it, and maybe whether it’s a good idea since it’s my first grow, thanks Bob

@darren looking really really good looks very happy and healthy keep doing what you’re doing and if I haven’t mentioned it before if you need any help just hit one of us up to good growing

Thanks hogmaster, I have asked if anyone can give me advice on taking cuttings

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@darren I’ve not got any experience with clones but I’m not sure if @Hogmaster does?

I know a few guys that do if hog doesn’t


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When I do my scrog I’ll do the cuttings then

I never clone cannabis plant but here’s what I know : you have to cut it at 45° gently scrape the cut, put some gel or powder for cloning and put them under a dome with high humidity and some light in a propagation medium . That’s about it for my knowledge for cloning :innocent::grinning:

Hoping that’s helping you @darren, bob31 call good reference @latewood @garrigan62@MacGyverStoner @Aquaponic_Dumme @Majiktoker are good ones too

~Al :innocent: :v:

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Hey buddy I got a thread called ‘5 day clones’ may help you out ? …if you have any specific questions I’ll be around later or tomorrow morning if you want to tag me

  • good luck!
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Thanks everyone for your help,how old should they be before i think of taking clones