Drying without drying area

I have 40 celsius temp in climate, i do not have the luxury to dry outdoors, humidity is in teens, i do not have any specific drying area for it and also i only have 1 ac unit which i use to maintain my tent temp, if somehow some of my plants matured early and some late, how will i go with drying although i am grow 7 plants of same strain and 1 plant of different strain, what should i do then?


Dry them in Brown paper bags just fit them loosely in the bag and close it up check on them every few days
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Should i put them in refrigerator?


Read up on this brand (or other) drying racks. I used one of these last year before I got a tent. Worked fine. I used it in a spare bedroom for a little less than two weeks. It has a fan on it to help with circulation.

Several use them on this site. Do a search.

After I dried, I did place in brown paper bags for a while then into grove bags to cure.

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I don’t know I’ve never done it myself, I would not, I use a rack like @HotAndHumid suggested
I don’t use one with a fan I use a web dryer rack

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I think the difference between the two drying racks are…

The one I use is blacked out so no light gets in. Intended to be used outside of a grow tent I think. This rack uses the fan to help with air circulation.

The other rack is open on the sides so light and air gets in. I think it can be used in a controlled grow room or tent.

I could be wrong?

I hang it in my shed so no light, it works for me, you will need to figure out what works best for you, these are just a few suggestions to help out.

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Depending on how big and how many plants, you can get a cardboard wardrobe box from Uhaul. Plenty of videos on Youtube that show different tips and tricks for using them as makeshift drying rooms/chambers.


I use the rack now, but in a squeeze, ill use a warddrobe boxes.


I basically made my own one of these in a small tent that i have an intake bringing in at the bottom and the exhaust pulling the warmer air at the top out. Works pretty good.


Same set as I.

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@HotAndHumid @spankyjr1 @BrainsandBongs @ChittyChittyBangin @Bobbyc366 Thankyou all of you for your help but i have a question as i only have 1 tent unit which is temp controlled, shere would i place this rack if some of my plants matured early and some late because when i will turn on the lights it can degrade THC and keeping in room is not possible because temp in room is around 40c and because of excessive heat ac would not be able to maintain temp inside this bag when i place it inside tent, this is also a problem

If lights are going to be an issue, get the wardrobe box, you can close it off and eliminate 99% of the light. Poke some holes in the bottom corner and place a small fan for a small amount of airflow.


This is my set up. The black mesh covering the holes is carbon infused filter material.


I’m not sure what it’d be in celsius, but you want to stay as close to 60 degrees F and 60% humidity in your dry space. The humidity part isnt a problem for me since it’s humid already in Virginia but the temps can be hard. If you can do 70 degrees F and 60% humidity, that works too.

Not in my opinion.