Drying, How to develop a stanky smell?

So I’ve read a lot about how smelly it gets when drying the plant but I feel like I’m not getting the right kind of smell.
My plant smells very earthy and not really like a bud smell. It’s not bad but it’s not like “damn I wanna smoke that”
It is currently on its 6th day of drying and it is crumbly on the outside and the branches are already starting to snap. I cut the entire plant and hug it as it was. The plant was also flushed for 2 weeks before the chop.
Do I need to wait for the cure to get the better smell?

Yes and a good curing will make the difference between your wobbling and oh it ok. My white widow didn’t smell like that at all it was just a earthy smell and it took me 1 month and 3 weeks for the sweet spot to hit. That’s when after you smoke it and everything is cool till you stand up to walk around. All strain will smell different my critical mass smells like a fruit stand at city marke and woodsy. And both don’t have that loud smell that stinks up the whole house like a super skunk or Afghan. I can’t really smell mine till i break it up to smoke. Hope this helps you


It’s like a fine wine it takes even more time but it’s worth it 1-3 months is a proper cure


Now you want to put the buds in glass jars with Boveda packs. Open the jars every day for a few minutes. And be patient as it will take two or three weeks for the cure to get going well.


I was going to ask pretty much the same . Indoor, Northern lights, fem. Today is 3 weeks in the jars … Burped 2 times a day … Can I keep doing this for a few more weeks longer to try and get a better smoke or stop burping them now and keep them sealed ??

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You can stop burping after 2-3 weeks and let them keep curing with the jar sealed. Boveda packs sure make it easy for long term storage @bluethumb

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How.long do you burped or open for​:disappointed_relieved::frowning_with_open_mouth::anguished::fearful::weary::cold_sweat::worried::scream::astonished::flushed::dizzy_face::no_mouth::mask::disappointed::disappointed::unamused::heart_eyes: