Drying buds with frosting looking areas

I’ve harvested a plant that I have been having troubles with powdery mildew. I washed everything in a pretty strong hydrogen peroxide/water solution, fully immersing the buds for 5 minutes. I’ve been drying for speed at 48 percent rh at 68 degrees with a ton of airflow. I have patches of bright white frosting looking areas, they don’t really smell like anything and the texture is hard. It doesn’t look like mycelium like I saw before, and I’m just not sure what I’m looking at. I’m just wondering if anybody else has seen something like this.
This is ILGM MK Ultra, and made some beautiful buds, I’ll say that.

Bigger file, enhanced for more clarity.

Rain ? Humidity?

The images have a very narrow depth of field, but from what I can see, nothing concerns me. I’m not too excited about those environmental conditions for drying, mainly because they’re too dry. Perhaps you’re overcorrecting after letting your last attempt get too humid?

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@KeystoneCops This give me hope!

I’ll get better pictures tonight.

Your trichs look clear? Did u harvest early or does bud wash do that

I harvested at 8 weeks. I probably could have gone longer there were still some clear trichomes. I don’t think the peroxide made any difference there. There are more pics in the other post.

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