Drying box experiment

Could I take a empty box to hang my buds. cut a small hole in the back. Put right up against one of tents vents. For airflow and smell. Or will the light in the tent coming threw the tents vent. Be bad for the drying. If this is a bad idea. I might go with the “wedryer”. Has anybody used one.

I went cheap and use this in a spare bathroom where I can control temp and RH.



That looks great. But I want no smell. Witch the wedryer provides.

I am glad to see spare bathrooms being put to good use. I put a PVC light stand in ours and use as a veg space.

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Literally a drying box

binder clips make it easy to hang
I have a couple of them. If I have to stack them I run string through them. If you need to slow down drying or want darkness, cover with something. I put them in the same room that contains the tent.
I have mesh drying racks that I don’t use much. It kinda compacts the buds when laying on the mesh.


How bad is the smell. Its a great smell just dont want to share…lol

Theres a fan in the cardboard box

Just lay something over the vent to defuse the light that still let air flow. Or use some 4" vent and pull the box away from the tent


Hard telling since I usually dry in the same room as the tent so the air is exchanged through the tent’s carbon filter. If you use different intake air then this may not work for you.

Nice, but I will still be growing in my tent. Plants at different stages. So I will have to do drying outside my tent. Cool setup!

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I have put those sweater dryers in a 2x4 tent with a carbon filter to mitigate smell.

Ya just run some dryer vent to your drying box from one of your grow tent vents
You only want a little airflow as to not dry cannabis out to fast but not mold it

Would the exhaust duct from tent with inline fan on it be to much airflow. I have a extra filter to do how you have it. Or just put duct work out a different duct hole then box then filter. Sorry for all the questions. But I like this set up.


I have a mesh basket that I hang in front of my exhaust vent. I have a hygrometer in beside it monitoring the RH. The exhaust from my tent is usually around 55% so it’s perfect for drying. Never had any issues doing it that way other than a slight smell

Maybe splurge for another small tent and stink control unit? You could always use it for seedlings?

I was looking into this.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZMDR2PL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Personally, I would shy away from anything that " quickly dries " herb. Cannabis is not a herb that benefits from quickly drying. I didnt get past the quickly part. It says it has a fan? Were you planning on blowing it into you tent? So the anti stink filter would filter it?

Its a small computer fan goes on the bottom. The filter is on top. There is mesh tiers. but the bag is air tight. The small fan just creates a small air flow. no smell.

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How long does the filter last and can you get more cheaply?

I dont know how long the filter last. sorry

Anything that works. Got the filter for $14 and the tent was $12 I think. Mine takes about 10-11 days before I can break the buds off/snap a stem.