Dr.Danks Acapulco Gold & Blue Dream

Oh yea…shit that’s right you mentioned that lol, any nitrogen phosphorus or potassium? Those are the primary nutrients basically without those your grow can fall apart, my apologies for the language

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And she looks like she has 2 white hairs in the top so I think your safe from a male

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No I only have given b1 vitamins. I have this organic 5-5-5 plant food that I was thinking about giving .

As long as its not a slow release or time release type of food you should be fine

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Yeah. What can I give to my plants to make them thrive ? I am trying to revive this one and another one, I accidentally left there flap open and they got the full rays of the sun… The one posted above seemed to not crisp off like the other I have which is flowering but has little to no leaves

that plant is the one with few leaves but flowering and it got the full rays of the sun today it looks worse

A good brand I use is flora gro it’s a gh product (General hydroponics) it’s only 2-1-6 but it works great, or Alaskan kelp that’s 5-1-1 or 0.36-0-0.60 comes in a green bottle and would honestly be better for them cause it has all accessable nutrients a plant needs

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What’s your ph??? I’m sencing that’s your problem

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To be honest this is my first grow so I couldn’t tell you I just water and give b1 when they go dry… I have given them this once but I do not anymore since I had an incident where I gave some to a 6ft plant that a friend had given me and I was introducing to sunlight a little to harsh and it dies so I haven’t given since the plant was male too… It’s seaweed…

Thats more of a flower food not veg lol

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that has chlorine in it… weed don’t really like chlorine much

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Yeah I realized that LOL @Oak

so the plant doesn’t need the seaweed till flowering ? @Majiktoker

@Majiktoker I have found a ph checker I will check tomorrow and get back to you … I am starting a indoor grow and I wanted to know what you think I should get material wise. With 500 to 1000 cash could I get everything I need to grow ? I have a big empty room I could use. Could u enlighten me with your opinion. I wanna grow hyrdo and soil

Thanks a lot bro. I will go pick some up asap… You say that it has all the nutrients the plants will need ? For both stages ? @Majiktoker

Yea basically it will work for both stages, and my pleasure, let me know what your ph reading is.

Write up a list of what you already have and I’ll include my input, and yes tha t particular one is if you notice it’s a 0-0-1 which you’d be better using in flower

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Ok thank you for all your help man it’s my first grow and I am just trying to get these two through so I can smoke them cuz they smell so loudly skunk, I’ve never had bud that smelled so loud and I’ve had my share of medical and homegrown fire. My plants smell like literally someone is smokin some super sticky icky right there. Smell is starting to grow in range as I was in the front yard and the wind was blowing and I swear I caught a whiff of it. Makes my mouth water lol. I think it’s because the plant is starting to get trichchomes all over the leaves and bud… Anyways I do not have said materials yet, I was hoping you could give me your opinion. Could I get everything I need to grow with 500-1000$? I have a 1 car garage converted into a room which I will be using. Can u give suggestions on everything I would need… I have been looking around for everything but would like to know what someone with growing experience would buy with my budget @Majiktoker

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I have a 400 watt light Hps With 400 watt Hps or metal halide ballast… I have a 1000 watt ballast and no light tho… But was thinking of starting with new lights because I might as well get new everything…


. I googled Acapulco gold and found .

My plants look alike

She is flowering good with sister plant close behind but not quite … Think I could pull a clone of each one? The pictures posted here are the one flowering and if u go up a lil there’s pictures of the other one which is getting white pistols… @Majiktoker