Dr.Danks Acapulco Gold & Blue Dream

Hey i have some plants that i grew from some kush that was really seedy. Supposedly alcapaco gold… My first grow just to see if i could get them going. Aside from having unknown bugs inside the soil, my plants i think are having stunted growth. They sprouted may 8… Used jiffy organic high quality greenhouse soil the first few months in little starter cups. Transplanted jun 11 to 5 gall with an unknown soil from california. Temps in the day are 110 °f to 120°f and in the 90s°f at night. A few plants are showing white pistol growth so i wanted to separate from the others what should i do


Not if you can supplement same light that are getting outdoors as well as temps

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Will the drastic change in cooler temps be a big problem?

Depends on what “drastic temps” are if its 80-90 degrees outside and you take them inside, than you’ll need to get around 70-75 degrees it won’t be to much of a drop it to drastic of a chance simply because temps day and night sometimes drop 10-20 degrees over night.

They may take a day or two to settle in but it won’t be detrimental, just try to replicate outside temps and light when they come in.

Being at 110-120 degrees try to keep your room she will be in around 75-80 degrees, I’m currently growing Acapulco gold, and I can honestly say she likes Mediterranean climates (for example 70 degrees with 60-80% humidity in veg and 70 degrees with 50-60% humidity in flower, and I know 60% is a little high but I’m the start of flower shell love it)


Pictures were taken Monday, I will upload some from today later…I left them outside because the temps are cooling down considerably… They look like they are really enjoying it. It had rained for a week on and off and was nice and cool in the 75-80f with good humidity and overcast clouds all week… This week has been cool but yesterday and today were in the 90s and low 100s farenheit with a lil overcast… They are loving the cooler temps and more sun because they are covered when too hot outside… Do they look similar to your alcapoco if u don’t mind me asking lol

I dont mind you asking, no honestly not really, the second picture a little bit ill upload one when I get back on here for you so you can see what she looks like.

Mine’s bright green with heavily seraded leaves

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My Acapulco gold

The others in the outside garden I have a sugar cookie northern lights, cherry pie, and Panama red, just added 8 ball kush outside to but she isn’t in the picture.

My northern lights she is a week and a half in flower (10 days roughly)

My grape og clone


Looking good ! Where did u get Panama red seeds I have been looking all over @Majiktoker

You won’t be able to get a pure bred Panama red strain, however ace seeds has a great Panama red strain that is made and created with pure red sativas of sorts and takes on average 74-84 days in flower (from start of flower to harvest).

The thing with Panama red, if you get a pure strain your extremely lucky. It’s considered a legendary strain, that’s said to be “dead” or a clone only strain.


Thanks for the info , and yeah I’ve heard the legends lol. I have a high tolerance and heard Panama red will get u super high lol. @Majiktoker


Yea that’s what I heard

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I’ve been very excited to try this Panama strain my first time trying it, I’m younger than most here I wasn’t even born when that strain was around so to have a true classic it’s an inspiration, or 2 classics I can say

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Same here bro. I would love to try some, it must be good if cheech an Chong sang about it lol… These are my two alcapoco golds… I’m giving b1 vitamins, somebody else was saying they need nutrients… What do u think I should give them @Majiktoker


Nice man they look good

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Thank you i have just been watering and giving b1. I just slaughtered a whole village of younger ones that looked male… And im thinking of pulling this one too @Majiktoker


Don’t pull her yet, let her show first

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So is it safe to put back with others? @Majiktoker

What can i do to make this one and another like it puff back out and help new leaf growth

What are you feeding it, and i would for now

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Ok thanks . And I’m feeding b1 vitamin @Majiktoker