Double checking these trichomes are ready to harvest

These look milky or at least partly milky to me but I just want to get a second opinion. Been flushed for 7 days and don’t want to keep going with the flushing unnecessarily.

Thanks guys.

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Give them another 5-7 days then give her 48 hrs of dark


Thanks @GreenSnek. As I’ve been flushing them for so long, would it be worthwhile giving them 2-3 days of high nutrients, then flushing again before the 48hrs of dark? Just a bit worried I’ll do some damage to bud size/potency by going more than 2 weeks without any nutrients.

What’s your entire plant look like?

3 of 4 have quite yellow leaves, but 1 still has a lot of green. Thinking I’ll throw a few more doses of nutes in the 3 and leave the 4th on flush for a few days.

I wouldnt give them any nutes personally the whole point of flushing is to clear them out of any chemical flavor besides unless you’ve lost 90%+ of your leaves then It wont hurt your plant to leave it 5 more days

Hey_Hey_Smoke_Weed_Everyday, I’d wait a few more days, give them some nutes. Hope that helps you. Oh by the way! This is what I’m waitin for.

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Tell what you think.

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Looking good! It’s my first ever harvest so my buds on 3 of the 4 aren’t as dense, a bit popcorny but one plant is in a 50L container and an absolute monster and should go very well.

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HeySmokeWeedeveryday, that’s pretty damn good for a first time harvest, hi props to you, way better then my first harvest many yrs ago.
Awesome job if you need something just let know, I’ll help in any way that I can. BTW, just trimmed up some Runtz, that’s been drying for 36 hours in total darkness, just rolled a joint oh my God it cannot be finished. :fire::fire::fire::fire:!


Nice looking bud👍

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