Hey guys, my first harvest, need opinions

Hey guys, I flushed 2 days ago with sledgehammer and I’m getting inpatient. It has mostly milky trichomes I’m pretty sure, I seen a couple amber trichomes aswell but not many. Any opinions on if it’s ready or not? Thanks guys. She is 12 weeks and 2 days old. Northern lights auto. 1 of 4 plants I have at the moment.


When you flushed her, were you thinking harvest in 10 - 14 days? Let her consume the nutes left in the leaves etc?


Honestly no I was more concerned on giving her a proper flush so the smoke dont taste as harsh, but if that’s a better idea then I can wait

Does that mean you stop feeding nutes ,and then just water for 10-14 days, then do you let it completely dry out at that stage ? I am a newbie at this .

I’d go water only for at least a week (I do 2 weeks), she’s still a bit dark green.