Does this look ok?

This is zkittlez auto day 8 and 9 does it look funky? I feel its stretching also and leaves look like some I have never seen.

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@doggiedeb-1956 how much are you watering them? They look possibly overwatered its hard to tell from the pics. Did any of the leaves touch the soil?

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Watering about every 2-3 days. But I use a tiny mist bottle everyday over the pot, not right on it. I dont believe the leaves touched the soil. It grows like its stretching to me. This is my first zkittlez plant.

I’m not sure it needs the daily spray down of mist. Perhaps try watering like you have been without the mist. When my plabts were seedlings I watered every 2 days and had to dome a few of them that were struggling. Not everyone is a fan of doming but it saved a bunch of my seedlings. Ill tag you in my journal. What are you using for lights and soil? Any nutrients being added?

Fox farm happy frog on top and fox farm ocean on bottom. No nutrients yet but I have fox farm trio. My lights are Vander around 300w. Tent 48x48x80. I’m trying to follow you too.

you are off to a great start my friend! I dont give nutrients to my seedlings either because fox farm has it handled for the first few weeks. But other do nutrients in seedling stage. Maybe just a little less water right now! You will be able to read your ladies in no time and know what they need when they need it! It comes with time! Just @Ah-hee me if you have any questions!


I think it’s the strain, mine looked crazy for the first two weeks!

I think the opposite of my comrades. I think she needs water…Also, if they’re stretching, the light might be too high.

I was thinking that also!