Does anyone know what is causing this?

Super Skunk
Two week old grow
Closet 2’ x 3’ area White painted walls
50/50 mix of Earthgro Potting Soil / Nurture Naturally Garden Compost
2 gallon Plant pot,
Promotion TaoTronics® TT-GL14 80*3W 6 Bands Led Grow Light 12 inches from Plant,
18 hrs on 6hrs off
Decent ventilation, no fan
PH’ed water @ 6.5ph
Have not started nutrients yet but will start later this week with
Dyna-Gro DYFOL008 Foliage Pro at 1/2 the recommended strength
every other time I water, at this point I water every other day.

I noticed the tip on one leaf was starting to discolor and shrink, I just transplanted from Dixi cup
about 3 days ago and noticed it about two days later. I have another plant (not sure of the strain)
that is smaller and does not appear to be showing any signs that things are not OK.

Any ideas?

There is a chance your soil mix is a little strong for such a small plant. however I’m thinking your light may be too close for a plant so young, even if others are not showing the same signs, for many different reasons a seedling from the same strain may show some different sensitivities than others of the same strain’s seeds.

You also should have at least a small circulating fan to blow a light breeze cross the seedlings as well as a fan to remove old air from or bring new air into the closet. Also the temp of the air in the closet and the humidity would be helpful.

BTW, of course entirely different strains will show different sensitivities.