Does anyone know if this grow light is a good one?

I saw this grow light on Amazon…, It is called a Maygrow 1200 watt led grow light on Amazon. It has a switch for veg. and bloom. It cost $156.99 dollars I think. It is one of those purple looking grow lights. I can not figure out how to get a pic… or info on it on to this website/topic… I am not very good at using computers and such devices…!!! Would this light grow some really good buds??? They also have a 600 watt one that is cheaper… I know zero about grow lights!!! I could probably afford one of these, but maybe they are not very good for growing nice big buds!!! Does anyone know if these are good and last a long time…??? Please HELP!!! LOL

They also have a 600 watt light that is pretty much the same on Amazon too that is cheaper, but that one might be kinda small for growing a few plants or more?

Please don’t make the mistake I did and by bs leds. Go to hlg, rapidled, or timberlighting and by whatever you need for your size room price range and skill level. It’s as easy to put together as legos so I say build and save the most.


Yep. There’s a video on led gardener that compares that’s one to a vipra 300. Spoiler alert. It’s better. If you wantto build there other lights on there . Size of your room and price dictate

Shoot, it only shows the picture…!!! I did get something off Amazon on to here though!!! lol Like this type of light is good then??? Maybe??? Think this one is about $150 bucks… too. lol

I just checked out that light. It’s garbage. The 600w one only pulls 116w from wall, so its a 116w light, not 600. Get either roleadro or viparspectra

Ok!!! Thanks HornHead!!!

Scroll down for my opinion. :+1:

I’m not 100% sure if we’re allowed to post brands and such, but it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission in my opinion.
If you’re looking to go with LED lighting, take the time and save money for something of quality. I’d recommend a SolarSystem 550 (or 1100 depending on the size you need) from California Light Works. It’s pricey yeah, but it should pay off in the long run. Also, get a controller with it so you can control the spectrums.

If anyone else has a better recommendation, I’d absolutely would love to know as well!

Link to my first grow. I initially bought 2 of the purples, and sent them back to build my own. My fixture now pulls a little under 600w from the wall. It’s 8 qb132s with meanwell power supplies. 20180327_145820