Do you think she will root?

So unfotunately one of my tops snapped off. So i put in a glass of water with a bag misted with water over it and some micro just a little experiment its been like this for 3 days and i think its gonna root. It has showed no signs of wilting or anything pretty crazy.


Change the water every couple/few days. It usually takes a couple of weeks for roots to start.


At least your not letting it go to waste. You should see roots in a couple weeks. If it is still standing after a few days that is a good sign.


You should also remove about 1/2 of each leaf with a pair of scissors. Bag should not touch leaves.


I’ve had some pretty good luck dipping the stems into this and putting them in soil under a humidity dome for a few wks. Lotsa different ways to clone though, watch some YouTube vids.


Can’t you just use some raw honey for rooting also ?

I have heard that but have no experience using it. I’ve also tried simply using water with the cuts sitting in the glass but I only get rot lol. I’m still working on my preferred cheap method without buying an actual clone kit lol. On my journal I’m currently rooting a Papaya Candy ‘topping’ from a friends plant. Took some time but it’s starting to show new growth. Stop in if you’re interested.

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