Do you ph your tea?

Brewing my first tea do you ph once done brewing or do i just water unchanged brew with ewc oyster shell bat guano 6-4-5 fertilizer molasses and liquid seaweed

Gunna add mycorrhizae the last 45mins before serving

I used to Ph my tea brews in the beginning but after learning along the way I do not anymore. The tea and critters in it and the living soil will self regulate things so in my opinion there is no need to Ph the tea before applying.
If you want to test things check tea Ph after say 12 hours of brewing and then adjust ph down to 6.5 as I’ve found the tea Ph to be in the upper 7’s or higher and then check it again after another 12 and it will have gone back to pretty much where it was before you adjusted it…self regulation is how living things (us included) handle things.

Hope this helps


Brewing should hopefully take it into safe range. For organics that range can potentially be 4.0-8.0, depending on your microherd and other factors.

If you decide to adjust, adjust just before use. Do not adjust before or during bubbling, unless instructed by the manufacturer.

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@blackthumbbetty @Skydiver so i checked ph and it was 7.2 so i went ahead and watered with that my run from last water was 6.1 from each plant and today the run off was 5.9 i just amendment with dolomite lime i wonder if my ph meter if messed up when i compare to my drop test it matches

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I’d say you’re doing fine not adjusting it down, but rather letting the microbes do their job. If the run-off keeps getting more and more acidic, there could be some adjusting to your nutrient regime needed.

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Ok ill keep a eye on it i feed every other day some time 2day i feed about little less then a pint get a out 10-15% run off im giving just molasses with ph water at 6.5 6.7 range