Do these leaves look ok?

I’m new to this growing stuff. My leaves are light green and dark. Not all mostly at the top. Does this look normal?

Looks like this could be a magnesium deficiency, what are you feeding? Do you add calmag?

Also could be a lockout, do you ph your water ? have you check runoff ph ?

Yep, magnesium or possibly ph issues.

Looks like it’s magnesium deficiency.
Add epsom salt to your water at 1 TBSP per gallon and water them.
If you want a quicker fix add a Tsp of epsom salt to a quart and use a pump sprayer and foliar spray the leaves top and bottom.
I add epsom salt using about 1/2 Tsp per gallon of water every time.

Can you give us more details of your grow such as soil being used and nutrients your feeding them with and what type of water and it’s PH etc etc


:point_up_2:Agree, big mag deficiency. Couldn’t agree more with skydivers post. The foliar spray, at lights out, will be the the quickest way to help remedy it. What nutes and medium are you using?

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Water RO…PH is 5.8 They are in Cocoa
I bought Fluence Spydr 2i’s
It seems the leaves on top are doing this. The lower ones are a nice dark green. I’m a newb so any help is greatly appreciated.

What are you feeding it?

Vegbloom nutrients