Do I trim the lower leaves that dont appear to get light?

I read the articles on the trimming section and im not clear on the ones to trim … Indoor, Northern lights fem ,600w HPS , just turned to 12/12, 2 days ago … Here are some pics showing why I am concerned cause the bottom leaves are not really getting light … They are about 24’’ tall and 10-11 weeks old… Im guessing the one pic I have marked #1 is the fan leaf everyone says to trim and leave the # 2 leaf alone ???

I trim my lower branches on photo plants. The earlier the better. Less stress. Yes the fan leaves i wouldnt touch especially if they are nice and green still. I would leave 1. But number 2 I would trim.

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@bluethumb everyone has a different theory about this. I never trim anything until before flower. I will trim lower budsites so energy isn’t wasted on lower performing flowers. But leaves have stored energy that the plant will use later on. So I will remove them once they yellow and die.


The plant is pretty good at deciding which fans to sacrifice. You see a bunch of green fans and one turning yellow and starting to shrivel. You can just wait until it is brown and it pops right off with a little downward tug.


Your 600w hps has plenty of power to push through that amount of foliage so dont worry too much.
1 thing i would do is get some sort of reflective material around your plants to contain and reflect what light you have. At the moment you are wasting a lot of valuable light to the dull open surroundings. By doing this alone it will make a huge difference to your end yield.I like to bend my plants and tie them down to maximize the effectiveness of my lights , it also keeps the internodal gaps more closer together and all parts of the plant receive even light coverage.Fan leave are the factories for the plants essential functions and should if possible be left on the plant until they are no longer producing energy for the plant or directly blocking light from bud sites.


@mountainman1 … I appreciate it . I have been hearing that a bit about my set up … I found some tape , cardboard , and some foil , It does make a difference by lighting the lower sections … Yep