Do I need to use a tent?

Hello!! Newbie, here.

I have a GSCE Auto that is at 2 weeks today from sprout. I have an extra room in my house that is virtually unused, that I can completely block any outside lighting very easily, supply adequate ventilation and control moisture and temp, no problem.

Do I need to use a grow tent? Or can the room itself be the tent?

A room is okay. Be sure that you are properly managing temperature and humidity.


Thanks so much for the reply!! I love this forum… I will have total control over all of it.

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closest space works for one plant. long as you control light n temp…should be good

The only one that isn’t full is waaaay too hot. It’s against an outside wall with very poor insulation. The only way to coll it enough is to keep it open, but with the light I don’t think it would help. Thank you for replying though!

Welcome to the community: like the others said a room or closet is good.

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I have a tent but have an unused bathroom until I recommissioned it as a potroom
This is a jack herer auto

I did a couple of autos and then decided to try a photo. Covered the windows really well and taped over outlets that had night lights. We don’t use the upstairs so no major issues with light leaks around door.
This is 12 northern lights and AK47 clones in a .single cola sea of green grow. It was a very fun and enjoyable exercise.

Decided to make some improvements. Added Mylar, did a double scrog, and a new light
This is a current plant. A purple kush when young


Wow. Seeing other growers setups that have some experience is such an inspiring thing. You have some gorgeous ladies there. I hate admitting I’m going basic with this, but I’m just hoping to make it to the end really.

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The light support frame is PVC pipe and about 32 -34" square. The scrog frame is also pvc and about 24" square.

Speaking of closets, I am actually building a 32x76" grow closet.


My general carpentry skills aren’t up to par with yours either😂. My next run, I will have better equipment for a bigger, better grow.