Do I need to defoliate these or not?

I’ve been told by others not to trim autoflowers but we see where that got me listening to anyone but this site. What’s your opinion on this?

I trim anything that’s in contact with the growing media. After that I just let them naturally yellow off from lack of light, then pull them off when they’re depleted.
I do trim off the little lower popcorn buds in the last month of flowering.

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How many plants under the screen? They look healthy so some deforesting could be done. It will slow them down a bit but may help your ultimate yield. they also haven’t turned yet. If in hydrothey may take longer that you think.

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Total of 4 plants there is one that was almost dead from listening to the last person that was helping until I switched to here. Yes they are in a RDWC system

@WickedAle also what do you mean by they haven’t turned yet?

Looking closer I do see some white in those eyes. Mine took 11 weeks to flower and just kept pumping out fine green growth from the centers. How many weeks are you in? What are you using for nutes?

They popped through the rockwool Jan 6 I’m in second week of flowering I started using bergmans nuterients but was told to switch to maxigrow series that’s when they took off @wickedale

You were looking for a temporary replacement for ilgm nutes weren’t you?

Anyway, wait til they have clearly defined bud sites before you do anything. Not all plants are quite there yet. Then you can clear the lower stuff that won’t make the canopy.

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At first yes temporary but then a few people on here told me that for hydro id be better switching to the maxi series

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