Do I need to add cal/mag

Hello I’m using ilgm nutes , I’m also using distilled water . My plants r doing great , my question is do I need to add cal/mag or does these nutrients already have some?

Yes you do need add it in.


Do you have any pictures you can post.

Like @Covertgrower said

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Bergmans dont got no cal mag …wow

those were taking just now


Personally, as a soil grower, I don’t add nutes until they need it. It’s really hard to go the other direction if you over feed. So much easier to add more by titration over time so she doesn’t burn out on you… she doesn’t appear to be lacking any nutrients yet. my humble opinion

If you do ad Calmag, do it slowly and titrate up.

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The plant looks good, are you using the nutrients in a tea, or top soil feeding ? If your using tea use a 1/4 of what it says on the ingredients instructions on the bottle of CaMg. This will show any signs slowly as to help or hurt. And it won’t kill it. Remember it has to be mixed with water. Per gallon. If you look at my page (3 weeks out of ground) I also used CaMg as my plant looked yellowish and CaMg help it overnight.

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Well I’m not so sure they need anything . Like I said I’m using ilgm nutes so I’m sure it has some cal mag in it right? This is my very first indoor grow and being in control of everything . I’m used to growing g outdoors and just watering and used to harvesting whatever it growed ya know . I’m learning something new everyday


Does it list the ingredients on the bottle? I’m guessing that its liquid form. I looking at your photos and the plant looks excellent. At this point, I wouldn’t do anything.

This is my plant. 1 month

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No they come in bags and it really doesn’t list all ingredients but she’s healthy for now . The ilgm nutes I’m using are supposedly everything you need from start to finish . So I’ve been following everything to the t . So far so good . Are you growing autos? Are you feeding with nutes ? She looks a little unhappy

Looks wet and heavy leafed light in color …when are ubwatering and how much

If you do end up going with a separate calmag supplement, it needs to be the first thing that you add to your water.

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I just kinda feel like adding my 2 cents and all.
I am growing in soil. Not the same nutrients, but…
I find if I do not feed/water mine they look great and then suddenly I have problems. So I feed mine and include cal mag once a week at half the suggested ratio. The rest of the week is just PH balanced water.
It’s been working for me. I am not saying it is right.
It’s work, but having a couple of the same strain going at the same time allows some experimenting to see what the plant wants.

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I’m watering like every Sunday and wed . I may have gave a her Lil much this week but I didn’t get any runoff .


And are you talking about the 2 big plants in the 2 separate pics or the plant that looks unhappy

Yea, all natural organic grow.
I’ve been a little bit ruff with it.
About 20 days after pop up. I topped it.

  Then the next day I started training it, pinned it to the ground. 

I’m sorry, I should tell you that this is a bag seed.
A friend of mine, bought some smoke and a seed was in it. I grew the seed outside this last summer and it hermaphrodite it on me and there but there was only like 30 seeds in this plant and I clean the seeds out, and I’m smoking it and it is excellent weed.

I’m sorry again, yes it’s an auto, it took about 70 days when I pulled it. I had transplanted this 5 time, was feeding it ph water at 7.2. This is before I learn about phing water…no clue!
At one point I thought I’d had killed it. Lol
Should have!

Then I seen it a hermaphrodite it or whatever and I pulled it up and dried it out and I’m smoking it it’s good weed.

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