Do I need a tent for growing one indoor plant?

I’m planning on purchasing an auto flowering white widow for medical purposes, migraines. I have only one grow light and don’t want the expense of a tent, fans, foil, etc. Do auto flowering need 24/7 light on them? Do they need darkness?

A tent will make it easier and cleaner but with auto total darkness isnt a must but I would still like the dark cycle to be light free. That may just be habit more then a necessity.
You will waste more light with out the tent to reflect the light back.
Yuo could get away with a cheap tent just to keep the smell and spills in one place.
But no you do not need one to grow an auto but I would use a tent anyways money pending.

You can grow them under 24/7 light. But there are many opinions on the best schedule. Sure someone will buzz in.

Does the tent have to be foil lined? I sew, can I just make a light weight one and do I need a fan?

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Do you know how tall auto white widow gets?

I have four almost four weeks and they are 12-16" tall. Outside from 1 week.

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I want to grow one plant in the basement under grow light, just wondering how high it gets. But I can always crop it, right? After you suggested I crop my outdoor plants, they started flowering almost immediately .

There is no cheap way of growing inside and without the right accessories it’d many headaches that you already trying to stop ? You need to be patient get all your equipment that’s required and once you have all the items , do a one week dry run and make sure you have the most important 3 variables in check , intense light , Temperture , and humidity and than you grow your auto flower that way she has a happy home to live and thrive , make her happy and she will make you happy just like a typical woman ?


The short version, NO you dont need a tent to grow an auto. But if you wanna get the most yeild and to icrease your chances of it living and producong something you can benefit from, then it is best to get a tent or enclosure so you can really control its eviorment.Also with only one light you would definitely get better results with a reflective enclosure to get the most out of your 1 light. Remember when growing inside, the closer you replicate the sun and outside variables the better it will grow and most importantly the more quality medicine it will produce for you. Not that im recommending this but i grew my 2 autos in a closet on a table that i i enclosed 3 sides of with a survival reflective tent i got at Walmart for 4 dollars. I intended to buy a tent earlier and put them in it but i finished the plants like that. I put foil on the back of the closet door which was the open side facing the table, so now all four sides are reflective. Some people have bought those sun screens you get for you car winshield to keep sun out and just surround the plant with that to get more out of your light. FYI my plants were (not counting the pot (flower pot lol)
about 18". . Make sure if you enclose the plant that you check the heat in the box to make sure your not cookin the lil !@#$er.The cheapest way of course would be outside WITH A SAFE PEST CONTROL on it. Remember if you decide to try and make a tent ,that you can buy a cheap grow tent for $50 bucks, so if you start gathering some supplies and realize its close to 50 bucks, then you would be better off with the tent. One more thing, if you grow in soil (inside flower pot) there could be gnats, mites, ect in the soil that will be free to roam your house if you dont get an enclosure. Of course you could use preventative measures to keep the bugs from hatching


I’m convinced to grow outside and skip the indoors plant. Will have to rely on street pot for winter. I have 3 outdoor plants that have flowered, will have to read up on harvesting. How long until they turn Amber?

I use a plastic storage cabinet I got off amazon. Metro something it was cheaper than a sterilite garage cabinet. It’s about six feet tall 1.5 feet deep and 2 1/2 feet wide. But it’s pretty hot this year so I leave it open and have a blanket around it Airflow and a little containment on light. I wouldn’t say you need a tent but some kind of containment good I wanna make something kind of like karate kids shower costume you remember that. Have a hoop with curtain. lol. It’d be perfect. I’ve been searching craigslist for old dressers to gut and have drawers attached to front of false front.


I’m in Nc and with warm winter last year I’d say plenty of time for a grow

You can convert an old refrigerator into a grow space and it will work flawlessly , it’s already white and sealed , you just have to engineer venting for inline fans and brackets to hang lights and holes for air coming in and going out , but it’s a guy on here that have converted one and growing 2 plants hydroponically in it and it’s doing a great job , so he can get you up to speed on what and how to engineer the fridge to become growing sufficient , but any appliance place will donate an old fridge with no cost or for less than $100 bucks gutted ?


The guy name is Careg on here but he did a journal on the grow , I don’t remember the journal title but I’ll invite him to this thread and maybe he will help you on that conversion .

Yeah, I’m looking for an old upright deep freezer. They don’t have a divider, so easier to convert, and many have built in locks

That would be perfect , have you check local refrigerator repair places maybe ? But a jig saw and a reciprocating saw would work to gut out that separations section in a fridge , but I just gave away an old upright freezer to a local church cause of ice building up on the coils inside of the unit and went bought to newer models from a salvage place that sells new damage appliances which also might have a shell you can buy or they might just give it to you for no cost ? But I’m thinking the same thing cause with this options you can grow outdoors all year round due to the fridge being insulated and Temperture controlled .

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Besides its a fridge that would not draw much suspicion on your back porch .

While you’re on the subject, my fridge just died on me. The freezer was working, but not the fridge part. It’s an up right, seperated by a divider. If I were to cut the divider out and seal the cuts, could I use the fridge while it’s plugged in? Basically a built in AC unit? Or is this a bad idea? @yoshi @enderwiggin

And here’s the thread you were looking for yoshi


Dude that’s genius!! Has a thermostat and everythinG… You would just have to take the fridge thermostat and replace the freezer thermostat with that one so it dosent get to cold lol

Yup awesome stuff. I wanna try that one day. It would be perfect. Just to be clear when you say divider, are you talking about the wall that seperates the freezer (ice box) from the refrigerated section? If so i, f you cut that out, wouldnt there be a void between the 2 doors where it used to be?

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