Do I love it? Let's find out!

OK so I’ve been reading and researching for months now and finally stumbled upon this forum . The title its self is a statement that I’m not sure of right now, seeing as how I’ve never grown.
However I know I’m tired of buying that Bullstank on the streets. Either “mid” that’s full of stems and seeds or “loud” 20 a gram that smells good but the high ain’t nothing . So I’m jumping in head first and I know with the help of the masters here I can be successful!!


Dang it I’m so excited and can’t even figure out now to post pictures. ANYWAY I finally found my space!!!
It’s a 10x8 metal storage shed,I’ll have to insulate it and all but it was only $200 man I’m elated!!! However I’ll still have to wait till Christmas is gone before I commit any more resources .

I was wondering if I could get food grade de and put it in with the insulation behind wall to keep pest from gaining access that way is that crazy.??or what

I’ll have more questions I bet but for now I just had to tell yell. Honky out!

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Same here got tired of getting ripped off found this site this makes my fourth grow and haven’t brought any smoke since…you’ve come to the right place. Good luck


Thanks @iceberg

I would do exactly what you asked @Nug-bug… … Always look around the corner for the next problem ahead…

Good luck and welcome to the sight…



Good luck my friend I’ll be around to help you and guide you in the right direction, as well as answer any questions I can


Welcome to ILGM

No worries here. Plenty of help. And i’ll be here to help you,
So it looks like your off to a good start.



Good luck read old threads and new soak up the knowledge here because it’s amazing :wink:
If you get stuck just asking super friendly folks on here so enjoy your adventure :+1::grin::sunglasses:


Oh yeah I read up all the time, either in guide or forum . Man can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned. And thanks @garrigan62 @Majiktoker @peach fuzz for the welcome


:wink: Welcome out of the shadows. Nice that you have started your own topic.

For your pictures, hit the upload button. If you’re on your phone and want a picture from your gallery, hit the documents option and then find the image you want to send.

Everyone is eager to help you avoid getting raped for weed ever again…


Welcome ,now sit back light up and enjoy, nice size room you will have .


Well finally!!! Here it is Uploading…


@Nug-bug, now let the fun begin,looking forward to seeing it come together

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OK guys need some advice. I’m trying to get the ball rolling on this space if you look up your can see the freezer by the shed I bought,it came with the deal just had to haul it off.
#1 do you think it would be a sufficient box to start In? The dimensions is 29"×22"×59" and would a 400 watt ipower be enough, or too much heat?
#2 would it be stupid to think that the light would heat it up enough that the shed it’s in wouldn’t have to be insulated. And would that cause problems in the humidity area?
I mean me and my wife work but I can’t come up with a lot of money at one time. just trying to get something going but also don’t want to fight the whole way through the grow.


If your going to use that I would make sure you have plenty of ventilation because refrigerator and freezers will heat up like a oven when doors are closed and heat source is present I did commercial refrigeration for 20 years . And I’ve seen walkin freezers heat up to 95f with just door heaters
Maybe a led light would be better for that space with exhaust and intake fan

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So a 400 watt air cooled won’t work? I wassume counting on that heat because it fixing to be winter and was just gonna have a passive intake and the exhaust with light,
It gonna be in the shed in 30* - 50 weather
@Paranorman @yoshi @Donaldj @Majiktoker any other options

using a 400w rightnow in a 24x39x40 space it just takes some serious training to keep plants low but temps are controllable with very similar ambient to yours Oh and I’m not using vented shade :wink:

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Well that helped! Well done you think it would be better to stand it upright or leave it laying Down? Could probably fit two 400 in there if it’s laying down. How much space has to be between the light and ceiling of appliance. It 29 in. Deep well that wouldn’t give me much room now would it

you would want some height in order to vent heat and be able to adjust light sideways your ladies would be too close you have to factor pot or res height then plant before shade and 8-10" is about as close as you’d want to get to that light even vented she can still burn your ladies


Do you have room to put it on its side so door opens out instead of up
If your putting in the shed the insulated cabinet might help you in winter :snowflake: