DIY weed-themed earrings, with shrinkie dinks

How fricken cute are these?! Ooo, lemme site my source. I used a template from “The Chronic Crafter.” She’s on YouTube too:

I used Sharpies on the scratchy side of opaque shrink paper that promises a 20% shrink on the package. 325*F in a conventional oven for 2 mins. If they’re curly, add another minute. Soon as they come out, mash em flat with the bottom of a can. Ima put these lil charms on everything. These are SO cute! Just wanted to share


Those are Awesome :sunglasses::blush::v:

Cool…I have not seen shrinkie dinks in 50 years!

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Those are really cool. Gonna have to show these to my wife. She loves diy craft projects.

Love them!!! Thanks for sharing :+1: :blush: :grinning: