DIY Light Build

My thought was to build a small light to hang over just 1 big plant.
Tell me what you think.
2 boards from hlg QB96
MEAN WELL Driver HLG-240H-C2100A
4" x 11" Heatsink


Nice driver, that what I purchased for my 2 HLG 260 rspec xl

I like the 260 rspec
That is what I have in my tent, and that is why I bought these boards.
My 260 came with a XLG-240-M-AB driver.

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I don’t think that heatsink has enough surface area to run those boards at 2100ma without active cooling. They will run for a little bit, but will probably burn up before too long. I would probably remove the driver and install a couple of pc fans over heatsink.

That is what I have been thinking and just run the driver remotely.

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Well I did some heat tests, first one it hit 100* in 5 minutes with no fan.
Second one with 1 fan i got 86* in 5 minutes and it stayed there for one hour.
So to be safe I gave it 2 new fans and now it stays at 80*
I can’t wait to see how it grows.

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Are you testing heatsink temp or led temp? The led ratings are usually on thermal junction of the module. Some have a copper pad you can test with thermocouple. If you just test heatsink temps they can be misleading. The quality of your thermal bond between module and heatsink could be poor and not take a good portion of the heat.

a lot to think about. I was checking temp at the heatsink. I checked again and at the board 109* F.
Now my question is, will this just shorten the life? Or will this be a fire danger?
If you think it is a danger I will just change the driver.
which would you recommend?


Nope. You will be fine

for all the good info.

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@dbrn32, Hey quick shout out. What is the most current thread you are contributing to for DIY lighting discussions? I just finished a grow and am re-evaluating lighting before i start my next one. 3x4 tent. I am at the crossroad of either just springing for a new HLG setup or taking a little time to roll my own :wink:

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There is very little that I have going recently. I do have a topic going where we can throw some ideas around though.