Diy hydroponic, olive tree clone

I was getting crafty last night so I looked up some homemade hydroponic growing systems and got some ideas and came up with this:

I Cut the top off a coke bottle and instead of using the bottom half, I went with a mason jar. I put a hole in the coke cap for a cut piece of a sponge to go through. The soil I used was none other FF HAPPY FROG


Very cool. Keep in mind that olive trees need a ton of light. The 4 most light hungry plants that exist are cannabis, palm trees, olive trees, and some varieties of cacti.

I was driving east of Tuscon last April on I-75 through all of the olive groves. It was pretty cool to see for a guy from the midwest.


Thanks for the advice, now I know for sure to move the olive tree to a sunnier spot.