DIY Grow Cabinet. Equipment help

Hi, fellow growers…

As the title suggests I am building a grow cabinet and I 'd love it if you could share your wisdom.

The dimensions are 2x2 feet and 6 feet height.

I will be growing two plants max at a time. So what should
I be looking for in terms of :

  1. Extraction fan
  2. Carbon filter
  3. Led lights

Thanks in advance.

LEDS are not my thing… but filter and extraction fan given the small space and only 2 plants a decent 4 inch inline fan and extraction kit should do you

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@bob31 has alot of advice on this… maybe he can help… :wink:

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Handoff to @Matthew420 for lights and @Countryboyjvd1971 for HVAC.

I’m outsourcing lol @peachfuzz


200 true watts would be perfect. True watts meaning actual power draw, so for a LED you’d want something like a 400W equivalent, but all manufacturers I’ve seen will list actual power draw in their specs.


i have a mars hydro 300w in a box approx.2by2,and it does great!


Thanks for your replies guys…

As far as exhaust is concerned you don’t need much with the cubic footage you have so I would get a 4inch inline fan and a small carbon filter
Fan should have speed controller and go with something like a 100cfm range that would exchange air 4 times a min in you set up which is why you’ll need a fan control to slow it down a bit
Happy growing :hugs::cowboy_hat_face:CB


Lots of good advise on this thread @peachfuzz @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Matthew420 @B345T
I’m sure you guys have this covered