1st timer needs help with bigger grow room

Hi all I hope all is well with and yours, here’s what I’ve a 9’ x 30’ grow room, 9’ x 15’ flowering room and a 8’ x 10’ drying room. Now I have built grow rooms before but none as big as this. In the grow room the plan is to put 2 rows of 7 @ 1000w lights, w/4x4 boxes, the ceiling is 6’6" and planning to make it 7’6’. I am going to use 220 power to supply the lights, from the main supply panel to the sub-panel is 12’ which I am going to use 3gauge wire. From the sub-panel to the end of the light run is 55’ which I am using 10/3 or 8/3 undecided as of now. This is in a basement which I am putting in a concert floor. I am wondering if you might have any suggestions or see any inherent problems, also is this set-up good for maximum yield. Also would the exhaust carbon dioxide from a gas powered generator work as a source? Is 7’6" total height enough considering I am making a 4" wood slatted floor off the concert floor making the total height 7’2"?

I look forward to your suggestions and rely on your expertize. Have good day and GOOD GROWING TO ALL!!!

Isn’t exhaust Carbon Monoxide?

Sounds like you have a good electrical plan. Plenty of light

Thank you latewood do you have any suggestions for me or where I can improve the room?

Make sure you plan to have excellent exhaust systems for your rooms.

Thank you Latewood, my intake is a 14" inline fan that moves 2300 cfm,it wil have 2 hepa filters boxed as well as my exhaust planning to use a charcoal filter. Is 7’ ceiling height enough ?



Yes, engine exhaust from gasoline powered generators have a lot of carbon monoxide in it and is very toxic, this is not the same as the carbon dioxide that the plants need.

Thanks Mac, can you shed any light on my other concerns, such as ceiling height? Also I am seriously considering a portable A/C unit, is it worth the cost? What size would you recommend for a 2800 cf grow room? Thanks once again for your advice and help


Height is easily manageable with training or flowering at a smaller size. Portable ac units can make a huge difference, it might very well be worth the cost. I would get an ac unit that would fit your size room’s needs. I guess one that is designed for at least 2800cf.

Ac is definitely worth the money, but with the size of your grow room I believe it would take more than one window AC to control 2800CF. However; you may be able to find one big enough. 15,000 - 20,000 BTU’s