DIY fertilizer?

A question from a fellow grower:

I would apreciate if you could find the time to belp me. If possible my setup is going to be 6 plants using hydrophonics

The problem im going to have is to prepare my solution and i need to
know how much of what type of fertilizer to use u understand that the
basics is going to be N P and K but how much of each as per litre .

I think i have some type of an advantage and that is that i work at a
fertilizer company and have almost any element to my desposal for
example : MAP . KnO3 . MgSO4 . EDTA FE.CU.MN.ZN .Urea wich is high in
nitrogen . AmSO4 . AmNO3 . CaNO3 . Basicaly anything i need to know what
to use and how much to use per litre . I realy want to produce some
strong THC buds

I use, and highly recommend, General Hydroponics nutes. Get them on Amazon. Get a PPM meter and a Ph meter, and you are off, and running. Follow the directions on the label, and you can’t go far wrong.



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@latewood had stated this recently in another thread:

I tagged Latewood and so maybe he can elaborate when he has a chance, he has the goods on the detailed nutrient info you are looking for and recomendations.

Thanks MacG. Well, there you have it. This is what we use in a commercial hydroponic greenhouse.

As far as Ratio’s. This is proprietary, because I am marketing these nutrient blends I have developed. However; I will tell you this: You should have a nutrient calculator at the plant you work at. Determine what N-P-K ration you want, and How many gallons you plan to mix, and you should be able to find the correct ration’s that way. Keep in mind that the Micro Nutrients are essential to consistently high yields.

I will try and answer any other questions you have. :slight_smile: