Diy 2x2x4 pink cob led empire soil Monterey bay

Hey guys I’m using a pink cob led from China in empire soil. I watered today with a 1 gallon solution of great white, Azos, silica cycos, big bloom, plant enzymes from humboldt secrets, humic acid ful power, and cal mag from sensical. Is there something I’m doing wrong here

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Welcome to the forum! Can you give us some more detail on the lighting and some pictures of your girl under normal lighting?

Details like the wattage, spectrum, or if you just have a model number. My guess with any details is the light is fairly low wattage and of the wrong spectrum for a full grow. I just started using a 110w red and uv panel as a supplement to my mars hrydo tsl-2000 300w main light. If you have only been using red/pink your plant is missing some of the lower spectrum of light especially during the vegetative stage.

Your temps seem a little on the high side. How’s the heat being exhausted from your tent?

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Well it’s been outdoors on. 14\6 light cycle here in the northern part of California, cold nights, high humidity, to hot days low humidity high wind, started this may 22 and its in the pink 150w. The highest reading is coming from the hydrometer being placed in the same spot without the tent, thank you so much! Black jack (my bathroom jack) is the strain.

@braulio is that the actual watts or the equalivent? If its equalivent then I would put the actual wattage in the 20-25 range. This will be far too little light to produce a significant sized plant. If your planning on letting her see the sun I would do it now. But if you going to keep her tented your going to need something with more power or spectrum. During veg I use 3 cree led bulbs 5000k spectrum for a total of 69 watts.

During flower I use the Mars TSL-2000 and had good results, just added a supplemental red panel that is an actual 107 watts to my grow to help the buds fill in during flower.

Of course with more power will come more heat so i would keep an eye on it as above 95 i start to see some heat issues in my grows you may need to work on some more ventilation.

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Nice and bushy. I like the new mars. I have the ts1000 and 600 and is plenty for 2x3 but still have the original mars 300 and eco98 but blurple too obvious through the window. Just my ts1000 for veg is doing plenty good and good foot print for what it is

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