Direct sun or partial shade

I got the beginner kit with cheese seeds, I live in central California and temps get up and over 100 degrees, I will be planting outdoors in my backyard in a large flower bed area should I plant in direct sunlight or partial shade

I don’t grow outdoors, but watching the ones that do, they typically start plants indoors or in full shade. Then they gradually give them more direct sunlight until they get full sun all day. I would look for strains that do well in your climate/area, but your cheese seeds should do great. Good luck, and welcome to the forum! I’m sure others will be along with more to add. :v:

Thank you for the advice

No problem!

plant in full sun.!!
u might have to water every 2 or 3 days when temps get over 100,
it is the late flower temps and RH that will mess with u, not the summer veg temps.!

Thank you, what will I need to watch out for or change during flowering,our temps and RH get steady in late summer with a day or 2 of 100 degrees here and there but no heat wave like in July/August

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I live on the Central Coast (California). I’m assuming you live in the Bakersfield area.

A cannabis plant needs 8 hours of direct sunlight per day BUT at human comfort levels. If you couldn’t sit where the plants are for 8 hours without becoming too hot or cold then the plants will suffer.

My suggestion is to make them as mobile as possible (pots) to be able to tailor their location to the climate and conditions. Even being able to dolly them around the yard is a good idea. You might also make shade available to them if they need it.

The issue you REALLY need to consider is high humidity and bud rot. We seem to get a period of high humidity during the monsoons in Arizona which can and will ruin your crop in no time. So careful attention needs to be paid when doing an outside grow. We also have several moths/butterflies that love to lay eggs on cannabis; another pain!

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Yes Central Valley, and I bought 7 gallon grow bags, and will seek out some shade options for those 100+ days, my monsoon events are low but do occur In July/August but they are short lived and the back to normal RH recovery is good. Thank you for the advice and I look forward to reporting back on my experience be it good or bad

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My advice is to go bigger. 7 gallon outdoors will be root bound IMO in no time. I wouldn’t run less than 15 and more likely 30 gallon. They are also harder to steal haha. You will end up with BIG plants when you grow outdoors in a warm climate.

Your plants in late flower will want to be in the 20 to 30% RH to prevent bud rot and a loss of your crop. Any departure upwards, even for a short time, will wreck your crop. Plan ahead.


Thank you my friend, will order some bigger grow bags today, not much I can do about the RH when outdoors is there?

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Increase airflow during high humidity so; assume you have a “monsoon” rolling in. Dolly the plants into overhead cover so they don’t get soaked and put a big fan on them to move air around. Spray the plants with straight 3% peroxide as needed. This is why I would have them in containers. Larger grow bags are perfect.


Good info thanks will do