Difference between top dressing and mixing in water

Whats the difference between top dressing organic nutes and mixing in water? Directions say to use less when mixing in water and more for top dressing. Just curious. Thanks in advance.

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If it’s dry organic nutrients, top dressing simply means working it into the soil.


Thanks, in your opinion which is better top dressing or mixing in water?

Top dressings will take some time to break down and work into the soil.

Suspended nutrients move deep into the soil with the h20.

Both are effective, liquids are easier to take accurate measurements of in my opinion. Soil health is important!

I like to top dress outdoor for less maintenance. Just my opinion as well.


Thank you very good info.

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If you were looking to top dress you need to be a couple steps ahead of what’s going on with your plants. Nothing with organics is fast, but if you want to see really slow, try top dressing to treat a noticeable deficiency. You will lose your mind before anything gets better.


Very good to know thank you. I just put some nutes in water to treat a deficency today and you just confirmed what i was guessing. Thank you

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What size particle in the water? If too big/heavy they fall out of solution. Think of the soil test where you take a scoop of soil and put it in a jar of water then shake the begebies out of it. The heavy rocks and sand fall out 1st then the clay and finally the silt. If particles are too big and not very dissolvable top dressing will give you more even results. If small and very dissolvable you might as well foliar feed as you water it in for much faster results.

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Im using roots organic terp tea bloom. I would say it is somewhat small particles it make lots of dust.

I set my dad up with this stuff due to lackadaisical nature. I think his best results come from mixing into ro with Trinity and aerating overnight. For top dress and soil building applications I feel like the uprising line is more property suited.

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