Pros and cons liquid neuts vs amending and top dress

Looking foreword to my 2nd grow, had noticed I had/have some lower PH in my runoff using FFHF and FF neuts even though I keep my ph at 6.7 for waterings I noticed my runoff was 6.0-6.3 and heard they had some buffer issues in some batches

Anyways I’m dealing with that ok and first plant has been harvested and other 5 are close behind, all in all it was a successful feeling first grow. Looking foreword I was going to switch over to Promix And was thinking about amending my soil and only top dressing, keeping microbes healthy in the soil.

I am growing autoflowers on the next run as I did in this one, just wondering others experiences with using liquid neuts vs top dressing after initial amending at planting


The promix? Are you gonna use the coco version

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From my experience top dressing works a little slower than liquid nutes. :v::+1:


Promix and top dressing is not a combination I have heard of using. As far as I know, top dress dry nutrients is usually in soil. If you want to go dry nutrient route Earth Dust is one mentioned frequently
Check out grow journals using Earth Dust from @MeEasy @Storm @Cap_Ron and many others. Just search Earth Dust
If you want to use Promix HP or coco, then Jack’s 321 is the answer.