Diesel dipped cookies harvest

Finally harvested yesterday. This was a small plant from the start so I’m not surprised I didn’t get a huge yield. The color became very dark the last 3 weeks, a deep purple- almost black. I Might have a couple pint jars worth…I need to go get a scale… Can’t wait to try it!

It was my first flower(3rd plant, #1 male, #2 herm, #3 female!) so I don’t think i did too bad, especially with a small plant. This was with two viparspectra 300w leds. Bud density is on the small side but nice and tight. My next plant(kimbo kush) in veg is a monster already I can’t wait to see what that one produces. I’m guessing triple easy by the time I put it in flower…it’ll be about 4 months old by then. It’ll Definitely take up my 4’x4’ tent.


Be interesting to see it dried trimmed and weighed. Beautiful colors.

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I love the cookie strain, just harvested a monster Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and plenty clones behind it . Just ordered 3 more cookie strains, I would have gotten the diesel dipped cookies but the bank was out . Let me know how you like it.


Beautiful, my mouth just watered, I swear.

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So after a week of drying, trimmed it came out to 2.7oz…for now. I don’t know how much more moisture it will lose. I’ll give it another week, it should be ready for jars and I’ll weigh it again then for an update.


Every plant is different, from start to finish. It’s all about quality, not quantity! Nice job all in all though!

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I didn’t trim super close because the sugar leaves are pretty covered. Good color, can’t wait to try it! Hopefully the quality is there!


Beautiful friend!

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Looks phenomenal so far! I can only hope my first grow turns out half as good as yours! Inspired!

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I’m getting impatient!



I didn’t mean to hijack your post with my pics, but I think your offering there looks EXACTLY like what I’ll be working with. It makes me happy! I have “bonsai” plants, miniature, but FROSTY

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Lol, have at it…I love to look at everyone’s stuff👍
Looks like it’s coming along. FYI mine didn’t really start changing color until around the last 3 weeks. And I turned on the AC to help with that, had it on high and the coldest it got was I think 65 at night, about 72-75 during the day. My AC sucks though, it’s old and when it gets colder at night the thing pretty much stops working…even though its sucking in warm air from my room. Oh well, it worked I guess. The really weird thing was on the leaves that became really dark, where the leaf was covered by another, it stayed green. You can see it in some of the photos I think.

Oh, I put mine in jars yesterday. Dried for 6 days on the stems at about 60% humidity, then I finished trim/de-stemmed and put them in one of those hanging net things for a couple more days. I really thought they’d take longer because it wasn’t the best week as far as rain. After the 8 days they felt dry and almost brittle(and the stems I could find did snap) so I figured it was time. I have a hydrometer in one of the jars and it’s reading about 62%, that was after being sealed overnight. Of course I’ll be burping them a few times a day and probably spreading them out for an hour/day. They definitely felt more moist and sticky this morning. I’m just so afraid of getting mold after all that work. Hopefully with a watchful eye they’ll be ok.

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I forgot to mention on this thread that I had found a couple bananas on two of the lowest buds at about a month into flower. I was worried that it would all go to seed, which it didn’t. I watched it closely to make sure I’d end any forming bananas, and it worked I guess. I’ve only found two seeds. I have to post this one because it looks like it has hot rod flames on it lol! I think it looks pretty cool.


Very nice :+1: :+1:.

Plant it , plant it

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Lol, wouldn’t it have more chance of being herm?

That is cool…plant it

@Legalinmaine that is a topic up for debate, me I don’t know and don’t pretend to. But as far as I can tell it’s about a 50/50 shot ether way. Seeing how close you watch your plants if it was me I’d plant it then you have a true second generation or your own f1 .

Grow the seed while stile in veg cut a clone as soon as it roots put in flower and watch it like you do.

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