So ready to harvest my blue cookie!

I’ve been growing my first outdoor this season…blue cookie, it looks great and I found s lady bug nest on her this morning,very proud Papa! Pics. Very. Soon.

Who wants to talk about it?

NO PICS??? Hmmm…:thinking:

I wanna talk about it but not much to talk about with what i see… Lol yes pics and lets talk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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Just had to figure out how…sorry

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Looks good id say you still have awhile around 4 weeks or more. I could be wrong but they look healthy.

Id say more honestly. But those buds are looking sticky and yummy already. Patiece grasshopper patience

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That’s my assumption also bud… maybe 6, where I’m at. I know I have my magnifying glass ready! I’ll get more pics today, to show size, yes, for sure. Thx for thumbs up!

She has a ways to go yet…let her bulk up.

Thanks…just looking ahead. Wish it could hurry. After all this time I can wait.

Sunday early morning…

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Thanks to all who gave likes! I may have some potential yet…just want to have med. grade in a state that hasn’t legalized any format of “its not Reefer Madness” to help patients in need! Me also…: )