Did they send me a PHOTO instead of an Auto?

This plant is 9 weeks from germination. I know from research that the Haze XL Auto Flowers a good 10 weeks. Well, being that it’s an auto, it should’ve started flowering weeks ago. So, either something is just genetically messed up or it’s a photo. ((keep in mind-temps are in the mid 70’s. Humidity 55%. Lights are up high enough and yes, the leaves are drooping but they are not overwatered)) This plant and the fact that she is like no other (for me) has been finicky from day 0. With nutes (explains it if it’s a photo)…help!

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You have white pistils showing. That means it is going into flower stage. Everything is OK, it is not a photo.


Autos are funny like that. They’re different from plant to plant. I was expecting to harvest my outdoor auto at the beginning of August. They went almost as long as my outdoor photos. I have two growing now that look totally different. One is perfect and budding up nicely. The second is slow developing buds and has a calcium deficiency. They were planted at the same time in the same medium.

flip ur light to 12/12 shes already flowering

Autos should be kept on 18/6 light cycle the entire grow, they automatically flower. Photosynthesis has nothing to do with getting them to flower.

Good luck :+1:

@Whyteboy1994 sure i know that!! :grin::+1: but around here the general consensus is that more light beyond 12/12 doesn’t have a benefit in yield to justify the added cost of electricty. but its all up the grower. good growing you all!! :+1::raised_hands::yum:


I totally agree! Now, I have read about some plants (cannabis) having uneven nodes. I, personally have never seen it. It’s like, rather than there being a main vertical shoot- it zig-zags (that’s the best way I can put it). And then it’s just not growing like anything else. What should I do about Nutes? Should I flush? Thank you all!*

Autos don’t get flipped to 12/12… that’s why I was asking. Because if it were…I’d then have to separate her from her Cousins…(:grin:)

Thanks hun! I need it! Smh! :confounded:

In early seedling stage, cannabis plants grow symmetrical limbs, as it matures into the vegetative stage, the limbs begin to alternate between the nodes. That’s why clones always have asymmetrical growth due to the fact that they are taken once a plant has passed the symmetrical growing stage.

Autos can be grown at 12/12 from start to finish technically. Your plant has been is in flower for a week or two now so it’s definitely an auto. I hate the idea of autos but if they had any positive traits, growing under many different light conditions is it’s best. Just my opinion because I like to control my grows and I’ll decide when one or all start to flower so it happens together.

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@all (literally) apologies about the way the responses were sent. My “medicated” self forgot to use “@” to distinguish who they were going to. Now, what was the consensus we agreed on? Flush and light bloom nutes?

Here she is after her flush. Got run off PPM…ok. PH…ok. water. Ok. How long b4 nutes?

You can use bloom nutes at any time. Ease into them. 1/4 to 1/2 recommended feeding and work your way up. I normally feed only once a week. I also use calmag for all my plants.
Looking closer at your plant it looks like it may have a zinc deficiency. It could explain why it’s behaving the way it is.


Okay, I’ve never heard of that but it does make sense.

Good luck to all! :+1:

I just spent hours caring for her. And OMG you deserve an award! That is exactly what it is. Everything, from the beginning described everything I experienced with this plant! I’m glad to say that the other lady in the pack (so far) has germinated with umph! Hopefully, I don’t encounter this again. But, I now know one more thing.
I know exactly how the plant will start behaving right before a “Zinc” deficiency. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Glad to help out. This is one of many things I enjoy about the ILGM growing community. I too am getting better at growing by participating in and reading these discussions. I still have a lot to learn though.

@shindig153 I am going to keep trying to give her TLC but I think she not going to make it.

Put her in the dark for 24 hours. That should stimulate her to flower properly. Most of us that grow autos use 12/12 schedule. We’ve tried both 18/6 and 12/12 and found little to no difference in the plants growth. I usually leave mine in the veg room under 18/6 for the first 4 or 5 weeks.

Northern Lights 4 weeks old under 18/6

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Nice grow!! Look what I have! She’s 11 days old…

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