Autos 12/12 from Seed

Has anyone done autos 12/12 from seed? Got nefvous one of my plants was going to die and dropped some autos to fill in the empty space. My non auto got big so I had to flip to 12/12 and didn’t give the autos time veg. They are growing fine but slow to start flower. Just starting to show sex at 1 month 12/12. Could also be they are now being crowded out by my non-autos.

Amnesia haze auto 12/12 from seed


Autos do what autos want to do. It looks great.

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I believe @Countryboyjvd1971 has done them this way with good results.

I agree, they’ll be fine. They may start to flower a little smaller than normal from loss of a little energy, but should be just as healthy as under any other light schedule.

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Not really worried about health. I just had problems getting my autos to flip to flowering the last time I grew them. Granted I didn’t have a powerful enough LED. Was thinking that love vegging in the hydro so much that they just didn’t really flower well even on 12/12. In the end all I got were useless bushes. I mean huge useless bushes.


I have done it 12/12 all the way it works great they get bigger imho I have been growing autos for years any way you can think and 12/12 Is definitely my preferred method


@Hogmaster. Do you have any 12/12 from seed threads? Hydro or soil?

Just about everything auto I have grown on my threads are 12-12 and all are soil soilless promix-foxfarm diffent grows am all promix these days


So maybe the new QB304’s will make the difference. Just don’t like that autos have a mind of their own. Like hearding cats.

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@Hogmaster. So how long from seed do the plants auto flip to flower in 12/12? I’m still not seeing pistils and now both the northern lights and amnesia haze autos are taller than my gold leaf’s in flower. I thought they would enter flower easier with 12/12, but after 8 weeks from seed there’s no sign. They are following a similar pattern as my last grow that really never flowered after 4 weeks in 24/0 then 10 weeks 12/12. Those plants were much more bushy. These are more lanky but that’s also because of the competition for light from the GL’s.

I’ve done it 2 weeks after from seed @WickedAle

@Hogmaster so you are saying your plants formed pistils at 2 weeks? I’ve had them 12/12 at 2 weeks now 8wks in DWC. Still no pistils.

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No after I transplant from solo cups to 2-3 gallon after 2 weeks I will put them in my flower room 2 weeks old and just baby’s I’ve been doing nothing but fems here as of late @WickedAle

They will grow under any schedule I’ve had great luck going this Route. And you save a Tonna money not running 24 seven it’s not good for them doing that 18-6 Max’s or 16-8 is what I do


@hogmaster But I can’t get them to enter flower. I know they are on their own “herding cats” cycle but after 8 weeks in 12/12 for 6 I’d see some pistils and flowering, but still nothing. Just keep growing into bushes. Want flowers not bushes!

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They ILGM Genetics and what are they again

Do you know how to post a picture

I’ll tell you this when they decide to go looking at the picture you have posted already there going to be freaking monsters they are definitely a breed of their own that’s why I’ve been sticking with fems here lately

@hogmaster The picture above was last week, Now 6 inches taller but no pistils. I will get a close up tomorrow. I’m using GH flora 5ml/10ml /gallon Lucas formula. No other additives.

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