Did I let them stretch too much?

I think I may have let them stretch too much. I had one fall the front middle one. I think i saved it, looks a lot better now. Should I LST them?

I am in ffof using phed water with some use of rapid start and calmag

Looks like someone stole your dirt!


They don’t look all that stretched out, but some of them do look like they could use a little more dirt. Can you bring your light down closer or turn it up some?


Adding an oscillating fan on them will help to strengthen their stems.


Im no expert, but u don’t have to filo the pots up all the way, although they are a bit low… it shouldn’t be an issue.
Some people treat csnnibus like tomatoes and plant the stem deeper and or add more soil after planting to make the plant deeper and make the root system larger and plant more stable.
But they look ok to me, and when they look ok, then leave em alone!


That don’t even remotely look like stretch. :+1::+1::+1:


I do plan on putting in a little more dirt, but i never fill them full. I do have a fan on them also. They are 14 days in and a lot taller than my other grows were.


Maybe some LST to get them. To flatten out some

The light is already 12 inches away I dont feel any closer is safe

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Not even for autos?

Honestly from my experience no. When they stretch, they get big. The whole point before switching say from 18/6 to 12/12 as Autos flower generally 30 days above soil.


Seems like a lot of good suggestions here. All the plants look really healthy for their age actually. LST, along with tying down, can also consist of plant physical therapy. Just touching the plant, with clean hands, pushing it around a little, and other simple/light actions can help strengthen the plant. Not a huge deal at this second, but the stronger they are the more flower they can carry.


There’s light stretch when the plant is attempting to get closer to the light source and then a plant period some refer to as the stretch which is the plant show rapid and exponential growth.


Really they don’t look bad. I’d just add a little dirt to the ones that are falling.

Sorry if I’m missing something else up thread. Slightly high and stuffing my face. :laughing: Just wanted to reply to your reply to me. Does that make sense? @LoCoRock sense make does this? :thinking::laughing:


Thanks for the therapy suggestion I will give it a try before I start tying them down

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Yeah bud! Set to watch. I’m interested in how great you will do in this one!

@Covertgrower what is your thoughts on this so far?

This made me burst into laughter lol

Set to watch. Keen to see what to expect with my girls

More dirt. More light.

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