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New users often create replies to posts that are years old where the member being replied to hasn’t been on the forum for years in some cases. There is an easy way to determine if a member is still active on the forum or not.

It is probably helpful for the poster to know whether or not to create a reply, or to just generate a new thread for their question, as it will be more likely to generate responses than replying to an inactive member.

Click on the member’s profile and it will bring up the member’s last activity date.


Hey man, what’s up? I’m 63 years old and I been smoking and growing for over half a century now. 53 years actually and living proof that potheads are not all stupid like the way alot in of people try to present us. I use to live by High Times mag, Three Dog Night, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, Magic bus by The Who. We had and still have the best bands that ever put on a show, I was hearing Dixie Chicken a lot snf young boy said to me, see,that’s real music old man not doo wop crap. I just laughed my ass off and he didn’t get it at all so I said it sure is son especially when little feat released it in 1973, and the they say we’re a dumb stereotyped hippy. Man I got 12 years education through high school, worked so I could pay my way through 2 years of education at NRCC, New River Community college. Soon as I finish there the government called me and I went to work overseeing the treat of waters in water treatment and waste water treatment facilities located in the U.S. and United Kingdom while paying my way through a 4 year college, The Virginia Polytechnic Institute ( VA. Tech) and Upon completion of 2 degree. Finished up my education with I year Business course at Sacramento college California and never, ever shunned my job, responsibilities or of weed. Never stopped until, January 6th 2017 and I took a long break from everything. You know ol Murphy’,s Law, anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong at some point in time. I went on a 7 year tour of the Virginia penial system live and up close for just having 31 cannabis plants. Called it a schedule 1 narcotic and I thought WTH is.wrong with these people? Took all my guns and charged me for having my own guns while possession of a schedule 1 narcotic and gave me 15 additional years on to the 10 for the plants, total of 25 years, I was ,57 at the time, hell that’s a death to me. With God’s help what I knew was coming final got there 5 years later in 2022,Gov. Nothram gets it legalized and I’m released after 4 years and 9 months in prison. Never been in trouble for anything in my life. Now the weed is changing getting more high tech but will never meet the standards of weed in our time, Redbud Panama red, Burmese,Aphgan, Sensimilla,etc that you got an experience from not judt gt


Wow, what an amazing story.

Thank God for legalization!!!

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Man sounds like my story but I had a 15 year tour in the Fed System. I did not have 1 gram on me or at my home and was sentenced to 2 tons of pot. Loose lips and all that. Gotta love the Fedz. Heresay is admissable in the Federal Court system. No proof required.

The 100 year lie is finally coming to an end.

In for the watch.

I’m out now that’s all I care about, released me as inmate # 1920423 from Bland Correctional Farm, Bland County Virginia at 8:30am on this day 11-8-22 instead of using my name and gave me a certificate of release to give for id purnposes. I guess they wanted people to know where I just came from. Hey do you know who I contact about a mixup with a seed order ? I ordered some Runtz, Black Widow and Purple Haze to grow this year and they were all ordered as feminized seeds and the Runtz are budding like crazy, started them in one of my greenhouses in mid March and ste them out last week or 10 days ago and the Runtz are auto’s not feminized. I put a lot of time effort and money into these plants so when I set them out in May-June they would be 3-4 foot tall with healthy root system and thick hard stalks to protect themselves from disease,mold and critters because they’re not at strong when in veg stage as they use to be, takes a few years for them to adapt be they will after 3-4 years. I have no use for them auto’s. Not that they’re bad plants just way to small, takes 10 to make a regular plant. I grew 20 Grandaddy Purple from here last year and was my last auto grow. I’m an old school head that’s been growing outside since age 9 and I’m 63 now. Here’s a couple pics of last years grow, first grow since I was released. Started them in one of my greenhouses, some stayed in Greenhouse, the ones I keep shorter and the ones I want to keep growing I plant outside so I can get some big colas from. The face poking out from in a plant on the left is my brother. The other is him helping me collect a few colas from the smaller ones and trim them up. You can see why I can’t justify growing the auto’s. I let some of them go last year until they just turned completely narcotic, alright for pain and sleep but no buzz hardly at all. Let me know who I need to talk to if you can. Thanks :v:t2: Have a great day :v:t2:


You my friend are holding on to some damn fine ladies.

As for the seed issue, you have to contact customer support. This forum is sponsored by ILGM but not affiliated with the store side of things. I will find a link to make it easy for you.

I think this is it


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Good morning my brother (09h50 am - South-African :south_africa: time)… Wow, i just read your life story to my wife… The minute you think you have it bad or had it bad, you hear another person’s story…! :saluting_face:Respect to you my brother…!
Beautiful bud’s your holding there…
Nice “meeting” you…!

I totally agree with you. And it could have been worse. I was given the choice to sign their plea bargain for 35 years total with 15 suspended to be served concurrent with the 5 years I already received for assaulting and disarming of two officers sent to arrest me. This was done in General District court. Or the feds would take me on kingpin charges and face a jury trial for a, $1,000,000 fine and life in prison. Just like you said they do. I took the plea bargain since there was a chance I could get out and still be alive. It came down to 5 for the officers, 15 for the guns with 10 suspended and 10 for the drug charge with 10 suspended to be served concurrent. Should have been 5 years total since all three 5 year sentences are being served at the same time. When I went before the circuit judge he asked if I was coerced or threatened in any way into signing the agreement and I said yes, sure I was. When he asked how and by whom I told him the prosecutor and my own court appointed lawyer. They both basically told me to sign it or I would get a million dollar fine and life in prison. Of course the prosecutor objected and judge Finch said " I’ll stand, sounds like a threat to me". Don’t know what good it does. After being locked up for two years I went to see my counselor for my annual review for the first time and said " I see you’re doing 7 years and I said no, no 5 years he said guess again. Turns out the 5 year felony time I got for assaulting and disarming had been changed from a 5 year felony to a 6 year misdemeanor with 4 years suspended and since felony and misdemeanor must be served. Continuous. So there i was with my heart in my throat feeling really bad. The next morning they got me out of my cell chained and shackled me and took me to the court house . They said I had two indictments out on me for the exact same charges I was in there for and my heart sank to my feet but then I told that judge why I was locked up and he said that’s double Jeopardy and I could get those thrown out . So it could have been worse a lot worse. But you know you can’t do something like that every year and year after year and not get caught sooner or later, you know Murphy,'s Law. I’m just thankful God seen it fit to get me out . Besides growing weed the three things I missed the most were my bike, Lancelot my Great Pyrenees dog and playing music. It’s getting daylight here in these Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and planting time. My seedlings have just about outgrown there greenhouse, most are just 4-5.5 ft but my greenhouse for seedlings is only 7 foot so I’ll do some work today setting 4 of the Purple Haze and 4 Black Widow out along with 17 fruit trees, grape vine and berry bushes spread out over 23 acres, going to be a long day. May your buds stay high, dry and amazing. Peace to you and your family and God bless.



My brother…wow, “what you have forgotten i must still learn”… :saluting_face:

Good morning my brother,hope everything is going well… (08h55 am) :south_africa: time!

Good morning, going to be a beautiful day. I just got in from coon hunting all night, you know, full moon made it almost like day time. I don’t know who’s more tired me or Chucks dogs. I noticed that we’re in for a bountiful year this year here in the Blue Ridge area. Fruit trees are getting loaded down early. I have a peach tree that hasn’t put out more than 5 rotten peaches a year in more than ,15 years, it’s loaded down this year. I couldn’t believe what I saw, still going to have to go look at it again today and make sure I see what I saw. I thought wonderful, finally a good harvest ahead. Then I saw the news a few minutes ago and it said Virginia is expecting 13 hurricanes this hurricane season. :pleading_face:. We gotta prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But everywhere we went the fruit trees were loaded. I still have 17 fruit trees to put out and just got a couple Paw Paw tree cuttings and 3 Apricot cuttings in from Gray Gardens. June is propagation months and I have a lot of trees, bushes and other plants to clone, pressure boxes to put out and grafting that’s going to keep me busy.
Hey, you ever hear Ronald McDonalds commercial about stop by and try our kids meals today? Well, I went by and tried two or three but then their Mother’s attacked me with pocket books. I’ll never listen to that clown again. :grin:. Just pulling your leg dude. They didn’t have pocket books​:rofl::joy:

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Love the fruit stories. Nothing better than fresh peaches. Fruit is the only thing I like growing better than cannabis. Any apples, pears, or plums? Figs or jujube? I have a few pawpaw graft trees and about a dozen seedlings from some good proven local tree fruits. If you grow enough trees and berries something will happen to fruit every year.

Happy growing and coon hunting. What kind of dog you got?

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Yeah I got a couple fruit trees going , some cuttings that’s starting to develop roots, I have 2 Concord grape vines, 2 white grap vines, 2 Mulberry trees, 3 big Blue berry, 3 Apricot trees, a Nanlch vherry tree, a Barbados Cherry tree, a Aronia berry tree ( Choke berry), a Red Orchard apple tree, a golden delicious apple tree, 2 Sweet Peach trees, a Province Quince tree ( closet thing to a pear tree I could find for now) a American Plumb tree, 4 Paw Paw trees, 4 Rose bushes of various kind , 3 Orange Honeysuckle, .and a Magnolia tree. So far I’ve managed to get the 4 grapevines planted, a Nanking Cherry tree and a Aronia berry tree, a peach tree and American plumb tree set out. Next month, anytime after June 20, 5:.41 pm. That’s when the summer solstice happens and the days start getting shorter. I’ve got a lot of propagation to get done, clones, pressure boxes set up and grafting to do. A lot!! But we gotta get the main Greenhouse up and going before then. We been working on it and about to fill it with the plants that’s finished developing. It’s where everyone’s together. For the last 28+ years, and since we figured it out, it’s produced 7- 12 pounds of manicured bud depending on the growing season, plant type, ( if it developed right or not, just a number of variables. I just got in and haven’t had more than a couple hours sleep in 48 hrs and I’m getting too young for this running around. I’m ready for a vacation, been awhile. The last one sucked, too many idiots. Hey Virginia made history this month on 5-10-24. We’re the first state to restore the schools original Confederate names. Then a week or so later Louisiana followed suits by restoring the 10 commandments to all schools. Maybe we’re going in the right direction after all.