Deleafing your marijuana plants

A question from a fellow grower:

Im wondering if you deleaf your plants, we lollipop first then deleaf them about 3 weeks before harvest. I have read lots on the subject but would like your expertise on this question if possible.

What I know about lollipop plants is that they are grown from clones; Vegged about 2 weeks and flowered while small. :slight_smile:

iam curious what is lollipop ing

Removing the bottom 1/3rd or your plants. Fan leaves, branches, everything goes. The theory behind it is to get rid of the lower growth that either won’t produce or just gives popcorn bud. I don’t endorse it, just giving an explanation as to what it is :wink:

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thanx …think ill pass on that as well , lolloping that is, .just stick to toping once and thin off weak bottom branches and thin shades when necessary .