Dehumidifier Recommendations

I live in the south and the humidity is ridiculous right now. My grow tent 2.5x5x6 (not in house located in storage building connected to house) and I have 2 small dehumidifiers running continuously with RH still almost 70% after watering. I have ac running in from a duct connected to my house unit so temp is low 70s. Running leds if that matters. Looking for a dehumidifier around $200 bc the 2 small ones just can’t do it once in flower. Any recommendations?

You too eh? Must be moonsoon season on the coast. I’m really having issues outdoor with leaf Septoria and bud mold.

Indoors I’m reading 70% during bud. No issues as I got alot of wind moving but I just ordered a cheap dehumidifier off eBay as I’m tired of fighting it.

This has been a very very wet summer so far. 90 plus percent humidity every single day in July is something I don’t ever remember happening in the last 30 years.

Good luck my friend

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It seems really bad this yr. I open the door to my grow tent and the humidity shoots up to 90% too. We just got tons of rain from the tropical storm. I’m worried about the girls once they go into flower. I have 3 fans moving air right now. I have 2 small 6 in and 1 3 ft tower fan running now. I am keeping my ac infinity fan on setting 5 bc anything lower and the humidity is even worse in there. I need a big ass dehumidifier I think.

Is your storage building insulated? there are several cheap insulaiton options you could look at.

In order to ocntrol the humidity, you need something along these lines. Go hsopping and invest in something this price or better. The most important option you have to have is; The perpetual drain, wheas, you can place the unit on a stand above a 5 gallon bucket and monitor the bucket in order to dump the ocndensed liquid when necessary. I found this as a guideline. If you buy this, I think you will be happy, although you can find something, or at least shop locally before you buy online in order to make an informed decision.

Let me know if you need more info. This along with your AC hsould allow you to lockin your RH consistently.

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Yes, my storage building is insulated. Thanks for the recommendation.

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There you go friend. I figured you didn’t have that kind of unit. Feel free to tag me anytime for help. :slight_smile: It is well worth the $$$ for sure.

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That’s a pretty good price on that. Moat that I looked at were 200 or more

I ended up getting a fridgidaire with a 2 gallon tank. If it doesn’t work I’ll take it back to Walmart and get a bigger one. The one I bought was right under $200 so we will see.

I just bought a decent sized dehumidifier from Home Depot and put it in my tent when necessary. Be aware that dehumidifiers generate quite a bit of heat that will have to be exhausted from your grow space.

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Yes, I’ve heard that too. My husband ran a duct to my tent from our house ac. My tent is usually around 70-75 degrees so I have a little wiggle room there.

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Awesome. I did some duct work for my tent too to force A/C into the grow area. I’ve got a 4" AC Infinity blowing A/C into the tent and an 8" (set at half speed) exhausting air out.

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If you have an open drain option, that will work, but I have filled up a 5 galolon bucket in one day, so if I used a 2 gallon tank system; The dehumidifier would shut down 1/2 the day until I emptied the rez.

I wish you luck.

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I bought a dehumidifier with built in pump. It was a bit over $200. Think I paid $280 but will get a $50 rebate from elec co because it’s energy star rated.

My tent is in basement and there is a washer drain that I run the hose to.

Google hisense with pump. I bought it at Lowe’s.

I saw those at Lowe’s yesterday!

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It does raise the temp several degrees in the tent but it works great.

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Even here in the Northeast it’s been really humid - lots of days of 90% and up.

Seeing the RH in my tent higher led me to add a dehumidifier even with the AC. I tried a small one from Amazon that had a negligible effect and returned it… found this one at a Walmart - it cut the RH in the room from 81% to low sixties within hours. In the tent it was 77.2%

At the moment, RH in the tent is 50.5%, temp is 78.5

It’s a Midea 20 pint (it’s a room tht makes emptying easy) for $170.

(tent is in a guest room with AC but the AC was not cutting the humidity as much)


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