Deformation on leaves

Hi there, a bit new to autoflowers.
I got two Fresh Candy autos one seems to be doing ok and the other is looking pretty bad. Any idea what I have done wrong.!?
Both plants has been done the same things.

Both on organic soil,

Just watering with water atm


Look good to me, keep on keeping on :metal:


Yes, they looking good… but the first one got weird leaves, a bit curly and smaller new .jpeg)

You can do a lot better by starting your autos in solo cups and then transplanting them once into a final pot.

I have a current run of autos going that just hit 2 weeks. My journal shows the details if you want to check it out.


Resembles a little variegation, she’ll grow out of :love_you_gesture:

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I’ve never grown autos, but my current grow started out that way and didn’t start growing for a month! Hope thats not the case here! I would imagine that would be bad for autos.

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