Deflowering clones

So i took some clippings and grew some clones, apparently without enough light which kicked in the flowering (i did not know that they could flower in a solo cup, but they can). Ive been deflowering them and they are now putting out single blade leaves - should this be happening and was it too late to re-veg them?

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Yes this is normal for plant that was put back into veg. The container has nothing to do with plants abilities to flower. You could grow from start to finish in a solo cup if you wanted, there is a whole topic here dedicated to this.

Your plant will be fine, will just grow kinda crazy looking. The term commonly used for this is monstercrop.


Thanks! I let one keep going, ill have to post a pic tmrw - looks so bizarre, a little 7 inch flowering plant…


@dbrn32 has you covered. Completely normal. You can accelerate the reveg with a 20x4 light schedule, but you are well on the way, and they look great.


Thanks!! These were the clippings i took just before my recent sledgehammer incident… harvested those mother plants last weekend and it really seems like you helped me save the grow with the flush in bathtub suggestion btw - so double thanks @Newt . One of them never showed signs of any damage - gold leaf took the sledgehammer like a champ - buds actually started taking on a pinkish red color under microscope (3rd pic)

Heres the tiny flowering.


It happens to us all, sometimes.
@Keetz forum thread re-veging for continuous grow, has discussions about similar process.
Good growing to you. i love ladies, even short ones.