Deficient or bugs?

4+4 tent
6 inch exhaust fan
Day temp/ humidity 80/45
Night temp/humidity 78/40
Ph 6.5
Been using half dose of fox farms trio
Calmag every other watering
They are autoflowers
Any idea?

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Pro mix hp soil also

Week 5 from seed

Looks like phosphorus deficiency to me - not too uncommon with fox farms nutes. They don’t seem all that well balanced. Do you have any beastie Bloomz? It’s time for some if you do.


No but I do have the tiger bloom that I have not started yet… I’m fallowing the feeding schedule.

Feed schedule doesn’t really accommodate for autoflowers. You’re in what looks like week 1 or 2 of flower, which I’d place at maybe week 6-7 of their feed schedule.

Not adding tiger bloom yet explains the low P. :v:


That’s what I figured! But wasn’t sure… thanks for the info :+1:t6:… I have one more question. I just watered last night. Would it be safe to add my tiger bloom today?


Or should I wait till next feeding?

I’d add it now since the soil’s still damp. Just dilute it in a quart of water and water wide around the outer edges of the pot.

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Thank you!

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I use both ProMix HP and FF nutes. The soil has near zero nutes. I feed full strength - from the first feeding.

Do you fallow the fox farms feeding schedule?

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I do. And I use the entire line top to bottom.

Ok cool! I figured I was a little late with the bloom ferts but wasn’t sure. Thanks for the info. Now I know the signs for implementing the bloom

Graysin said that the ff feed schedule is not for autos. So I figured I’m 2 weeks late on the bloom ferts.

Not strictly. Can follow it, but they assume that it’s a photoperiod and you’ll be flipping to 12/12 around what they call Week 5. Autos will often flip themselves before that - so you have to adjust what you’re feeding accordingly.

Newt will definitely have the best advice though, so if it conflicts with mine, disregard me entirely :v: I used FF nutes for a bit but it just wasn’t my style. He’s got the experience.


For autos and the schedule, start following it on time (assuming you are in an inert medium like ProMix HP. If I am using FF soils, I let the soil provide the nutes for 3 full weeks, then pick up with the schedule). When it starts flowering start with week 5 nutes. If it is after week 5 when it starts flowering, repeat week 4. On the schedule they refer to this as “Extended Vegetative Cycle”.

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Definitely will fallow! I’m growing in pro mix hp. And I’ve been fallowing the ff schedule. This is my second grow so I’m taking any advice I can get.

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