Decarb stink? here's help- also gas oven temp stabilization

WHOA- Decarb is some powerful smell. For those who haven’t done it- REALLY strong.
Doesn’t really smell like the flowers- its an “earthy smell”.
Anyway, It is friggin cold out, so cant leave all the windows open

My stove “breathes” out the space under the control panel, so I placed a 6" filter sideways and a inline blower running fast enough to keep the motor cool (I have a gas range and it breathes fire).


Here’s another trick. I have a gas range. The temperature goes up and down 20 degrees peak to peak. Decarb at 240 and had to set at 220 to get 240 average, and it went up to 260 on the heat cycle and down to 235 at its c. Theroldest. Yikes.

So I added THIS (below) 8 pounds of aluminum heat sink, flat side up, put a pan on top, a recording thermo probe in the pan and covered the inside of the pan and the probe with foil. I get the whole mess stabilized at 240F, pull it out, load it up and crimp on a foil lid, then back in the oven. The pan is up to temperature in 10 mins and goes up and down 3 degrees peak to peak. Thermal mass is the trick- a lot of it.


Yeah, I know- +20/-5 was my swing before this improvement. I’m tired…

good info, especially about the heatsink and the varying oven temps, thanks!

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Doesn’t have to be a heat sink, but that does increase the surface area, for grabbing heat from the convective air movement that occurs in a hot oven. The most important part is the weight, heavy is good. Takes longer to stabilize, but that’s a small investment in a good de-carb. Glad to help!

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